Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Randomness in My World

Hey there and Happy Tuesday!

Above is a photo that has absolutely nuthin' to do with nuthin', but I liked it so thought I'd share it. It's amazing to me how many folks do not like Brussels sprouts. People! If you'd just give them a chance, you'd discover lovely crunchy goodness. This tray was part of our Easter repast. When they were roasted, they were stirred into a platter of baby veggies - carrots, cauliflower, shallots, etc. Pretty darn delicious, though Jules and I had a lot of trouble this year getting everything to the Easter table cooked properly and at the same time. A rather discombobulated cooking day - and that doesn't happen very often to the two of us!

On another note, I followed Miss LaLa from her old abode here in ~Cocktail Corner~ to her new home in Wilton yesterday. It's quite bittersweet not to have her right around the corner from me anymore. Do you know how far Wilton is from Cocktail Corner?? A looooooong way away - about 20 minutes too long - especially considering she was all of 20 seconds away before! This is really going to put a crimp on our back-and-forth visits, I tell you!
As Lauren said, their new condo is like a doll house. Most of their things are in and you can feel how cozy it's going to be. The only sideways note is Dora-Dog. She cannot figure out what has happened to her world! She's already escaped once (Augie, remember to close that front door!) as she's not yet figured out she can't just run outside any time she wants anymore, and spent the time I was there either whimpering sad sounding Dora-speak or following us from room to room. She also spent a great deal of time jumping up on the furniture and beds - probably to give everything a fresh scent of Dora (not to be confused with Dior).

Ah well...new beginnings. It's all good!

What's happening in your World?


expect anything!


  1. Poor Dora Dog - never easy to have your world turned upside down. This too shall pass.....and pass me the brussel sprouts!

  2. poor dora - that is a big adjustment.

    glad you had a great easter!

  3. I love brussels sprouts.. sauteed with some garlic .. yum

    And poor Dora-able .. how confused she must be but she is so smart she will figure it out in no time.

  4. Oh, I love brussels sprouts, too! And poor Dora, bless her heart! Moves are always hard on animals and kids!! Sam Schnauzer had a real adjustment to make having to share his new home with great big Mojo! Not to mention Mojo's adjustment to having Sam invade her space!! Ah, but all is well now. Hope your week is off to a great start!!


  5. I'd like a second helping of brussels sprouts, please! YUM!

    I know the move will be a tough adjustment for everyone, but I hope it's the start of some fun new adventures for all:)

  6. I love brussell sprouts. We have a great recipe for a marinated salad that includes those little babies. Poor Dora and poor you....I know you will miss MP and Dora but 20 minutes isn't too far away.

  7. Poor little Dora! Moves are hard on the babies.

    Brussel sprouts?!?!?! I can't really be objective, since I've had them maybe twice in my adult life. But ew. Maybe I'll try them again. My favorite Easter veggie is asparagus.

  8. Aside from hearing that MPM is safely moved, albeit too far from Cocktail Corner, is, "People!"

    I truly heart brussel sprouts, as I do every single solitary vegetable ever created. Yours look divine.

    The baby vegetables here were decent. Nothing to write home about, but not bad.

    wv: quille. TS Annie is going to need a quille to communicate with MPM now that she's moved so far away.

  9. Crap. What I mean to say is that aside from hearing that she's safely moved MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS POST IS "People!"

    I hate brain farts.

    wv: gerimeli. I'd say that I liked gerimeli coffee and/or chocolate except that would indicate a brain fart which pretty much sums up my evening.

  10. I like brussel sprouts but only when they are cooked in ways that detract from their natural state. But I'll keep trying new recipes.

  11. I am happy to report that Dora is just fine now. And we have had some nice glasses of chardonnay here in our doll house. With Annie;) Cocktail Corner: Western Annex is alive and well.

  12. OMG those look SOOO good! I LOVE brussel sprouts! Of course, I would be the only one. Last time I tried to make them, I was almost replaced by a new, improved stepford mom that only cooks pizza. It was ugly.


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