Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dora, LaLa & Me

Last weekend I went on adventure with my friends Dora-Dog & Miss LaLa. Miss LaLa had been telling me about this glorious park across from her abode for months and I was itching to go see it. (Amazing as this is the same park that was next to my kid's [Catholic] elementary school all those years ago...and a place I never had heard about, let alone visited, tho my kids?? They knew all about it.)

See that big leaf and log water-blocking dam? Something definitely
had to be done about that! Obviously to us, those were leaves and water eddies behind them that just had to move on to their ultimate destiny, of course with the help of we two humans! (And what five-year-old kid wouldn't agree with us - yup we happily reverted to childhood:-) ?)

While I had already freed the current in the lower left of the photo, it took a much younger woman than me to take out that large log you can see being maneuvered, above. While I was quite ready to clear paths in the river with my feet planted firmly on the bank, I was not ready to step on river rocks to clear that big log, which really had to go! Not to worry, it was Mama to the rescue! She handily skipped over the rocks, maneuvered that pole (with a lot of direction from me, thank-you-very-much) and got that big log floating downstream. (I do think we two are responsible for a non-stagnant stream!) Hope you noticed Dora-Dog keeping watch on her mom's safety.

Once LaLa was done with her current-freeing job, Miss Dora was free to defend the rest of the river side. She did a very good job! She single-handedly caught every wayward leaf and destroyed it! It truly was quite the sight to see.

The late summer flowers in the park meadow were also just spectaular! And I've never seen so many bumblebees, honeybees & all kinds of birds. Such a wonderous sight! Everything from goldfinches to birds of prey - we think they were hawks.

I've forgotten how good it is to walk in nature.

O what I've missed!

but not again!




  1. OH so lovely. I think I would never leave. And I see that fall has already started where you are. We had fall already, for half of the summer, and now summer is back with a vengeance, the b*tch.

    Where was I going with this -- oh yeah, HI ANNIE! Your photos are beautiful. Miss you. : )

  2. Looks like a great place to hang out and skip rocks.

  3. What a fun day and indeed an adventure. Was this the same excursion where y'all were going to try PWs meatloaf?

    wv: bersi. Bersi be by nose is stuffed up.

  4. Okay. I loved this post. Ms. La La and Ms. Annie are a great team, however, had Ms. Dora not been there...the thought makes me shudder!

    You two wanna clear streams? Git yor butt down here and help clean mine!

    Me and Mom used to play in the creek. Big smile here :)

  5. I Love watching bumblebees this time of year. They are so busy and focused. Wish I was :)

  6. I'm thinking it was my ample backside that gave me the leverage to move that log along....And it was a wonderful walk. Dora wants to know when you're coming back.

  7. Oh, how did I miss this? Guess it was because I've been under the weather. Good job all of you! Even Dora.

  8. Sounds like a great way to spend the day.. good friends.. good leaf-killers and creek-cleaning to boot. Yay for you and MPM!


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