Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Serenity is....

...having Tervis Tumblers returned...


So happy!

P. S. - Miss LaLa (above), back from her recent Tuscan escapades came to see me yesterday and with her she brought six glasses she'd borrowed over the past few months. Two of them were my beloved Tervis Tumblers and two actually belonged to Julie, who you can see taking them. Now if only the other missing eight (at least) of those naughty tumblers would find their way back to their mama...I miss you Jayhawk and pink golf cart and Pippen's Home and Tortuga Grand Cayman and hibiscus and '09 VA blog fest SO MUCH! Get on back home!


  1. Miss LaLa looks like she returned from her Tuscan adventure with not only the 25 extra pounds she took, but also another 15 on top of that. Gah. And now? She is thirsty for some reason....

  2. Well, I think you look fine, Miss LaLa. But what's up with the tumbler fetish?!

  3. Someone took your BlogFest Tervis? That's just wrong... Ms LaLa: blame it on the white oversize shirt

  4. I pretty much blame it on the bread. And the wine.

  5. Oh this was a pleasant surprise! A thief returning the loot. Ms.LaLa has never had a bad photo of her and it just makes me ill...Annie...get her on a bad day, will ya?

    For me it would have been pasta AND bread.

  6. I"m so glad you located some of the Missing Tervs.

    Miss LaLa looks lovely, as always.

  7. Now I know what a Tervis tumbler is....I am a visual kind of person!

  8. Miss Lala had them? At lease she brought them back and she looks fab with her Tuscan Tan!


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