Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Day of Summer...

Glorious fading morning glory from our deck planter, October 2008. One of the last of the '08 season.

Welcome to the last day of summer...(o yes, there's a cliche coming), ~I can't believe how short it was, can you?~ There, that's over!

I had no morning glories to speak of this summer; no more than a bloom here or there. Our growing season was less than ideal, both for flowers and veggies. And if I have another year like this one at our community garden plot, that plot's gonna be 86'ed (86'ed is legit - I looked it up) from my life permanently, thanks almost entirely to the very well fed (read FAT) ground hog wreaking havoc on everything in our plot, though our crazy weather did play a part as well. I do believe our entire harvest consisted of 10 peppers and 7 tomatoes. Very disheartening, especially after last year's success.

I really don't know where I've been for the last months. I've been so very inconsistent with everything blog related. It's like my curiosity has up and gone. Hmmm...but I've begun to read books again - something I haven't done in a long long while. I think I like the curiosity better. Possibly I need to spend some time figuring out how to have both in my life.

Here's to the coming sweater weather! Nothing better than crisp days, fireplace smoke scenting the air and apples - I always think of apples when autumn rolls around. Oh, and pumpkin fields. Gotta borrow a kid to go pumpkin picking!



happy autumn!


  1. Let's go pumpkin picking on Saturday!

  2. Oh oh pretty! I'm looking forward to Autumn

  3. There's a lot of fall produce and flowers at the weekly Green Market at the Flea Market, I am hoping you and Jules (and LaLa?) can make it in.

    I miss my morning glories .. next year I hope to plant them again.. several lovely bloggers/gardeners have promised me seeds!!!!!!

  4. Ooh, the heat of the summer has friend your blog gene. Hope you fall is better.

  5. i hope the fall brings you many beautiful adventures.

  6. The summer went by way too fast. My garden didnt do as well as last years either =(
    Happy Fall!

  7. I love the morning glory, especially since there were so few. I also felt rather out of sorts this summer. And I'm really looking forward to sweater weather as well.

  8. A beautiful fading bloom. Sorry the harvest in your garden was so dismal. Our weather has been awful this hot and no rain! I think a lot of people have been a bit "blogged out" lately. Maybe this hot summer cooked our brains or just took away our enthusiasm. I've had the "blogging blahs" for some time, but keep at it...but get so behind in visiting my blog friends. I just seldom have anything new worth posting.

  9. I'm ready for autumn! NOw if we could just get this hot, humid weather to leave the DC area...

  10. I love sweater weather.

    And this is a gorgeous shot!


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