Friday, October 08, 2010

Caught Up... the trivialities of life. That's been me lately...well more than lately, actually for quite a while now. What have I been doing that I've not taken the time to blog/call friends/organize closets/whatEVER? I certainly don't know, do you? Guess I've just been caught up in the black hole of two steps forward and three steps back. Not pretty. Not pretty AT ALL!
However, I'm getting my groove back. I know this because 1. I've been having these unbelievably realistic dreams that could only be a pretense to what the future holds. (HA! That would really help a lot more if I believed in all that stuff!) And 2. I am cleaning out EVERYthing in my house. What I don't use is off to a new purpose, be it trashed/recycled/donated.

Well, that felt good! I have a long long way to go to get to my peaceful place, but perhaps I'm actually making progress for once.



Photo: Saugatuck River 10-07-10, 7:35am


  1. i know that cleaning out always makes me feel better too. good luck with yours!

  2. Cleanse the house...cleanse the soul. Clutter is something we can control when our lives are out of control and it works!! You go girl. I'm at it too :)

  3. Decluttering always makes me feel better- lighter and uplifted. Good luck!

  4. If it'll help you, feel free to come here here and clean/clear out stuff to your heart's content. Anything to help a friend.

  5. "Cleanse the house--clealnse the soul
    Clutter is somethinf we xan control"

    word for a T shirt on a coffee mug. Debbie you ae a poet !

  6. Mom, you're obviously typing on your iPad! That keyboard is so small!
    And yes, those words would make for a great tee-shirt or mug.

  7. Come on into 'town' and visit me ..

  8. hi!
    first off thanks for dropping by. ^0^
    cleaning and starting anew is something i try to do once in a while but have been so busy with work etc recently,
    know what?!
    i'll take your advice and start cleaning out my trash soon. ^-^
    happy weekend, btw,
    this is a wonderful bleu foto.

  9. Hi thanks for visiting me. Decluttering is always good! And a beautiful sky too.

  10. Who are U and what happen to my friend named Ann?

  11. I seem to be doing exactly the same thing! Now why is that?!

  12. Clearing out and changing our space seems to be the answer to getting out of a funk. I'm glad you're on the upswing.

  13. I just got "bit" by that cleaning/ organizing bug, too...haven't started yet, but am itching to get at the clutter and mess and "stuff" that I don't want. Simplify! I think that is my rallying cry!


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