Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cold (or Tired) Little Bumble Bee

Went by our community garden plot last weekend. I'm embarrassed about how long it's been since I've been there. It was a very disappointing garden year and I just sort of lost enthusiasm for it. Must say, I brought home more tomatoes than I have all year and the carrots are doing splendidly! Popped one out of the ground, brushed the dirt off of it and ate it - delicious! Much tastier than the store variety.

For the life of me, I can't remember what the name of this flower is...anyone know? The flowers were blooming in someone else's plot - and still beautiful tho it's late in the flower year. I thought little bee had passed on because he hadn't moved at all, but when I nudged him, he moved a bit.
I've been complaining about how this autumn isn't nearly as pretty color wise as last year. I may have to eat my words. While out and about yesterday, I came across a few trees that were just spectacular! It seems that last year all the trees and vines were spectacular all at the same time while this year they seem to be turning in waves.

I've prattled on about nothing long enough! It's a gorgeous day here - hope your day is to, though if you live in Indiana, gorgeous is not a word that would apply today!


expect anything!

Saved by the MPMama! That flower is none other than a ~cosmo~! Duh!
No more fill-in-the-blank for Miss Annie.


  1. What a cute little guy! At least he is as long as he's not close enough to sting me!! Terrific shot! Hope you have great week!


  2. OMG .. that is so gorgeous .. you have a very steady hand my dear Annie ... I am in deep envy

  3. I knew MPM would beat me to the chase in identifying the cosmos!

    And that's quite a sleepy little bee.

  4. So pretty.. a last breath of summer finding its way into the end of this season. Cosmos it is.

  5. Little bee is adorable. :) And all my cosmos were orange this year.

  6. My neighbor's tomato vine, which is supported by our mutual fence, is loaded with small green tomatoes and lots of new blooms. I guess the plant will keep on bearing until we have a good frost.
    Love the bee photo!

  7. That is a beautiful shot Annie. Seriously.

    We had such a wet, lukewarm summer here that I did nothing in the yard. It wasn't worth it. Some of my flowers didn't even bloom!

    I love fresh carrots!

  8. He's tired and taking a nap. Great shot Annie :)

    Weather is just plain weird.

  9. A very beautiful flower! It's getting cool here and I haven't seen any bees lately. Mike planted tomatoes for the first time this year and we had a drought all summer. I think I will tell him not to plant next year. He planted blueberry bushes, too...poor things...even with watering them all summer.

  10. Fantastic shot Annie~She's napping in her fur coat!

  11. I love this shot Ann. It is bright yet serene. I welcome the Fall. I think the colors are just getting ready to show down here as well.


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