Friday, October 22, 2010


Sunset in East Norwalk 10/20/10

Orange sunset sky
Blazing rapture of color
Laced tree silhouettes

~Dorothy Alves Holmes


My Sunset

I close my eyes and I can vision my sunset
laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top.

The yellow is so bright that it consumes my thoughts
I fall deeper into the colors of the sun so that I could touch
the orange glow, what a soft feeling, my sunset.

My sunset takes me to another place and time
where there will be no problem to tall to overcome.
This vision is imbedded in my mind
it is like a river running free
a clear thought on a sunny day
and it ends with my sunset and me.

My sunset frees my thoughts from confusion;
it leads me to believe that I am on top of the world,
setting me free to score over the waters of my mind.

My sunset places me in a part of heaven
where the day comes to an end
with the beauty of my sunset.

~Kimbaline Navas


expect anything!

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  1. Awesome! Where were you standing???

  2. WOW. The photo is unbelievable!

  3. Okay. Simply gorgeous Ms. Annie!

  4. Awesome!! So beautiful
    Congrats on your POTW

  5. Awesome capture of that sunset... simply splendid!

    Congrats on POTW!

  6. A very beautiful sunset and poem.

  7. What a perfect photo! Looks like heaven...

  8. That's beautiful, a truly gorgeous picture.

    Can't you imagine the call of the sea from that picture, though? Just imagining that particular color, stretched out in front of you, as you approached land.

    I think pictures of the sky always put me in mind of sailing because the sea and the sky always look like an invitation to imagine what is just beyond our sight.

    This picture does that. Surely any town existing beneath a tangerine sky must be magical, right?

    Great photo and a wonderful poem to go with, by the way :-)

  9. That is a spectacular photograph. It's easy to see why Hilary has chosen to honor you with a POTW mention!! Congratulations.


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