Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chanterelle Gold

Mom & I were on her golf cart hunting for chanterelles in the woods surrounding our parent's home. Did we ever walk into a chanterelle-gold treasure-trove! (It was in the same place in the woods we've found a good patch in previous years, but never in this quantity.) Only problem was, it wasn't where mom (she's golf-cart-bound) could drive to it, so, you get the ~glorious commentary~ from moi as I was yelling back to her so she could ~share~ in the find. (Just turn your volume down and no snotty thoughts on my commentary or my voice!) The number of chanterelles this 2016 summer has just been unbelievable! We've had them on pizzas, in stir-fries, in pasta toppings, in sauces for steaks and chicken, as a side dish. 
We have refrained from including them as part of our frozen yogurt dessert churning!

A pirate’s chest spilled
on the forest floor, spreading
it’s chanterelle gold




  1. I had to google to see what they were. I'm not a mushroom person. Your font was just a tad too small :) Glad you found what you two were looking for!

  2. I CANNOT stand the inconsistency of blogger's fonts. What was fine yesterday, size-wise, today is too small! Drives me crazy!

  3. Loved seeing your video and hearing your mom in the background! I'm so envious of mother/daughter time...lucky you! My Aunt Jean has been such a blessing to me!

  4. I AM very lucky to still have my mom. And your Aunt Jean is a blessing! Glad we had the time together, all of us!


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