Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Poor Beans 0 - Critters for the Win

Blue Lake Beans...
valiantly trying to's not going well.

Daughter Brynnly and I have a plot at Norwalk's Community Garden. It's intended to be for us to reap the harvest of veggies to enjoy eating. This far, our plot is apparently for the ground hogs and rabbits to enjoy eating. The beans don't
have a chance, nor broccoli or cabbage. Thought we'd scored a home-run with the pepper plants. Yeah, the critters
hate the foliage, but the pepper flowers? They love 'em! The only thing that seems to be safe are the tomato plants and the
chive plant. Even our basil hasn't been safe. It. Is. SO. Frustrating!
Blue Lake beans, going
Going gone! Critters have won
We need a good fence!




  1. Well this is just sad. That's a lot of hard work for not much return :( I've heard of Blue Lake beans but have never had them. Maybe better luck next year AFTER the new fence! Have a great weekend Annie xoxo

  2. I saw a beautifully fenced plot...and sitting in the middle of it was a damn rabbit. I startled it and it had NO IDEA how to get out! I think it's a lost cause...unless we grow nothing but chives or, apparently chanterelles because NOTHING eats chanterelles...except we humans!


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