Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Serenity

Bleeding Heart

I took this photo back in 2009 while in NYC visiting Daryl near her home - can't remember the name of the lovely
park we were walking. Kate had come in from MD, and Lauren and I had traveled from CT to join in.
Bleeding hearts have always been on of my very favorite flowers...well haven't yet met a flower I didn't love...
and this is a photo I've held dear for more than a few years. 

Little dancers! All
In a row, bobbing along
To their unknown beat.




  1. These are beautiful Annie. I've always seen red but my favorite would be white! I love when all of you get together in NYC to visit. I remember when we first started blogging. You, Mama and Jules? I think that was her name. Cocktail hour. What fun times!

    1. Yup, it's Jules! Daryl still blogs, and I've begun to again, but neither Lauren or Jules does any more. I surely don't get to NYC that often and haven't seen Daryl in far too long, but whenever Lauren come in from Tennessee, we always manage to get together! xoxoxo


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