Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Dreadful Duck Weed

Lemna minor, commonly known as duck weed, has plagued our usually beautiful pond hugely this year.
This doesn't happen every year, and, matter of fact, the last time this occurred, our pond company sprayed
the entire pond surface with Round Up because, at the time, it was considered ~a bio-chemical that was
environmentally safe and very friendly~. We were told that after a very short period of time, it would break
down to nothing and leave no traces behind. HA! (We also had the aerators installed after the RU application.)
Considering all the damning evidence that's come to the front about Round Up's lack of
~good for the environment~, that wasthe first and last time that remedy was used.
Now our pond company has told us the only good way to remove the duck weed is either skim it off (really???)
 or cover the pond with a black sheet to block out all the sunlight (really???).
So very practical, those two solutions!
So this year we live with a very green pond and hope that next summer the duck weed is in ~remission~. (sigh)

duck weed on our pond
a scourge and a huge eye-sore
please go away NOW!

expect anything!

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