Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Le Plot? Planted...

From the bottom up: pepper plants, on left 2 cucumbers and 3 squash, on right along side are sugar snap peas. In the barren area, 2 rows carrots and a whole bunch of onion set, I have no idea how many and I know the rows are far from straight. In the top area, on the left a bunch of garlic sets, two broccoli plants, 3 pea plants and tomatoes. In the middle 2 eggplants and even more onion sets. On the right, German yellow flat beans, burgundy beans, more tomatoes and a bunch of onion sets. (Over-planting at least one veggie seems to be an on-going theme.)

Sure hope everyone wants to grow!

As of May 30th we finally have our entire Community Garden (CG) plot planted, and sooner than last year! As you can see, this year we have just four pepper plants, unlike last year when we planted 20 (what were we thinking??). There are lots more different veggies this year - in that big blank area we've planted many onion sets plus two rows of carrots; both a first. There were about a bajillion carrot seeds in the packet...so I planted every single one of them. I understand I'm going to have to thin them. Vigerously. And often. And if all the peas and beans do well, we're gonna have to open a farm stand. Or maybe we'll just leave anonymous bags of beans on front porches. (O how I hope that comes true!)

And now the waiting begins.
I am not good at waiting.


expecting to wait for the harvest!


  1. Looking good! I like the new raised bed.

  2. I like the new raised bed as well.
    Strange tho - we did a raised bed last year, and I thought it looked pretty darn good.
    The powers that be gave us this new deluxe one which is far superior to our original one and I am so darn happy to have it, but I still wonder why...

    Nice what that grant is doing for all of us!

  3. Looking good! I know you will enjoy eating all of it.

  4. I am more than happy to help you eat extra veggie of any kind/sort/manner

    WV Preptio ... Spanish for get ready Uncle.

  5. Looks really wonderful, my friend. I hope everything takes.

  6. Holy heck! That was quick.

    I'm not so great on the waiting, either. Like Tom Petty says, 'it's the hardest part'.

  7. Look at how rich and dark that soil is.

    Girlfriend, you need to get a stand at the farmer's market. It's so much fun and you can hardly believe you get paid for standing there talking to people.

    Of course the anonymous porch drop is a fantastic idea, too. Feel free to bring as much as you like in July...

    wv: unremons. This is a milder form of exorcism involving lemon rinds and demons, but it's very complicated and involves lots of wine and a not so small dose of imagination.

  8. Envious! Looks awesome! You can ship the beans to Washington. Thanks in advance!

  9. Annie: Looks like a neat garden. I planted my small plot this week also.

  10. I understand the buying so many last year. When you first start out, they just don't look like they're enough! Then they grow to be huge & you're laughing at yourself & shaking your head. We've all done it.

    I'm so excited you were able to get it done early this year. What wonderful bounty you'll have. And what, no beets? I guess I'm the only one that loves those.


  11. It's looking good! There is just something about watching a garden grow that does something for the soul.


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