Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stella Helps Sewing a Hammock...

"Exactly what part of my stitching is bad???"

Daughter Rem came over tonight to sew her hammock.
Stella decided Rem needed help.
Stella's idea of helping was to sit in the middle of said hammock-to-be.
I asked Rem if this was a good idea.
Rem said it really wasn't that good of an idea.
Stella indicated she really didn't care what Remy thought.

So Stella slept in the middle of the hammock for the entire evening.
And the hammock was sewn the following night.

The end.



expect giggles!

P. S. We love our Stella!


  1. That's exactly how our dogs might have helped. Wow! Making a hammock...I'm impressed.

  2. Stella is the most beautiful big dog I know ..

  3. I wouldn't have had the heart to move her either. She's such a beauty!

  4. Hmmm...I think she just wanted it known that she got to be the first one in the hammock :-) I have a cat that likes to lay on all my quilting projects....or just sit on my sewing chair every time I get up for two seconds. Animals are a lot like two year olds!


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