Saturday, June 19, 2010

Overplanted Wonderland

Do you also have a small 4' x 12' plot that's being eating to the quick by the marauding bunnies and such who are chewing holes through the chicken wire (what's up with that?) surrounding your community garden? do?? Me too!
My solution, unproved tho it is, is to totally over-plant my little plot...I'll let you know how that goes...and to heavily spray it with bunny-be-gone... I'll let you know how that goes, too.


expecting bunny nightmares

On another very happy note, 26 years ago today George and I welcomed into our world the most wonderful son any two parents could ever hope to be blessed with. The happiest of birthdays to you, Bly-Guy, you are the very very best and loved more than you will ever know!!


  1. Bunny begone? I need some of that. I think they are eating my purslane in my cactus and succulent garden!

  2. Annie...those other ones behind you look like the bunnies are leaving them alone. What are they putting on it? I think we need to build some sort of scare-crow for bunnies. Let's have a nice 'lunch' and discuss;) Happy Birthday to Bly-Guy!!!!!

  3. There are 4 upper garden plots, the path and then 4 lower garden plots per row. Of the 8 in my M row (I'm M8), mine is the ONLY one planted in the upper part. Those "plants" you see in the other plots are actually very healthy weeds that the bunnies leave alone (sigh). You should have seen the rest of them before I smashed them down! HUGE! Wish Parks and Rec would reassign the abandoned plots. Can't imagine how wonderful it will be when all those weeds release their seeds all over my plot. POOH!
    If those damn bunnies would just eat the weeds...

  4. Are you sure I'm not looking at a huge Tinker Toy display?

    And oh, this is funny, my word verification is diner!

  5. Thats an impressive green sculpture you have there, never mind the plants! :)

  6. No problems with bunnies here...I suppose it is my cats that keep them away. Bunny-be-gone is probably lots cheaper...LOL

  7. A squirrel dug up my begonias! My entre window box is now dead ... GAH

    Happy belated birthday to Bly!

  8. Happy Birthday to your son. Hope the garden continues to thrive.


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