Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boys go Fishing

Yesterday after school Connor-man gave his Uncle George a call to see if they could go fishing. That was just fine with Uncle George so off he went to pick Connor up. They gathered up their gear and headed out...to our pond that's about 20 feet from our kitchen door. After putting down their poles, off they went to various places around our house in search of earthworms. For whatever reason, earthworms have been in very short supply this spring. (Son Bly and Connor were looking for worms over the weekend and found not a one. Bly was convinced they'd either all died off or there had been a mass worm exodus outta our yard.) Connor-man and his Uncle George spent more time yesterday looking for worms than they actually spent fishing! But with the 10 or so worms they found, they caught a bunch of sunnies and had a grand old time!

(He and Uncle George also fished Father's Day in 2008 {here}.)




  1. Looks like some great memories being made.

  2. What great fun ... Connor is such a cool kid .. kudos to Jules for that ...

  3. That looks like the kind of fun I would like to have.


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