Monday, June 28, 2010


One of my dearest friends - you know her as Mental Pause Mama - is now residing in a charming condominium complex (a town that is FAR removed from me, dammit!). I have never seen a more beautifully landscaped place! My Sunday's photo was of the hydrangea bush just outside her front door. The above blueberry bush is just before that hydrangea.

Whoda thunk blueberry bushes were landscaping plants?? I surely didn't!

All I know is...I expect a blueberry pie about a month from now.
(MPM...are you listening???)


expect anything!


  1. So pretty! Our blueberries are still very green, but one day.... MMmmm!

  2. Very nice! You have an eye for beauty and find it in the unexpected.

  3. Beautiful. My mother has a blueberry bush in her garden, evidently they do very well around here.

    Let me know when that pie is ready.

  4. Does this mean she can step outside and pick berries for her morning cereal?

  5. I just put that photo my desktop - it's gorgeous! And makes me hungry, too. I have some at home in the fridge, but it's not the same as eating them fresh off the bush.

  6. I like picking them as good as eating them!

  7. Meant to add that that is a great photo.


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