Saturday, May 08, 2010

Loverly Lilacs

When the hubs GB and I first moved in to our present home 30 years ago, there was a deep deep purple, very old and oh so exquisitely beautiful lilac bush planted to the side of our front walk. Though the trunk was rotting out (as lilacs are wont to do) that baby had thrived there for many many years.
And then...we were having yard work done and my lilac was the side yard. My lilac didn't like that move much, so she up and died. I was not at all happy about that, and believe me, the hubs found out about that as he was the one who ordered the yard work done - so in my mind, it was his fault! Even after all these years I know how to hold a grudge. Just sayin'. Much to his credit, he felt so bad he planted an entire new row of lilacs for me and that has made me quite happy! OK, not really, I'm not that happy. None of the new ones are my deep purple French lilac, dammit!

That confessed, sigh the first time I've ever seen a lilac as deeply colored as the one that was ripped from my heart was just the other day when I saw this beauty. It's on an old farm property, now annexed, and is just a gorgeous deep deep old fashioned purple. (The photo really doesn't do it justice.)
I wonder what the folks will think when I knock on their door and ask if I can take a cutting or two.


expect anything!


  1. Go for it. They'll probably be flattered. It IS beautiful

  2. I had one like that on Bradley Street...the lovely present owners ripped it out for a place to put a hot tub. Sigh. Poor GB...he'll never live this one down;)

  3. I love the deep purple ones too and they seem to be so few and far between.

  4. gorgeous! and they smell so sweet.

    wv: colin. The only thing sweeter than a lilac is colin firth.

  5. Poor GB? Yes but really its poor Annie! I say ask for a cutting I cant imagine they'd say no. If they do I am sure Lauren will stand watch some evening while you borrow a cutting or three.

    WV buskinbu .. No one will be buskin bu that's for sure

  6. I don't think I have ever, in my life, seen one quite that color. No wonder you held a grudge!

  7. Mother, you couldn't really hold a grudge if your life depended on it...

  8. Double wow! That's supreme. Go for it - they'll allow that for sure.

  9. When you do - take a cutting for me too! I don't know it would get across the border but still - who cares??

    Love the deep dark purple too. Just have the lighter and although pretty and smell so lovely - I envy the dark purple I've seen too.


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