Friday, May 07, 2010

Right Time Wrong Place...and Vice Versa

This past Wednesday we had typical Connecticut spring weather - sunny one minute, rainy the next. I, of course, chose "rainy the next" to go to the grocery store. It was still raining when I came out of the market, but the sun was shining brightly. Couldn't spot the rainbow at first, but then I drove over the I-95 overpass and nearly wrecked the car! Never have I seen a wider, more beautiful rainbow! There were cars behind me. And nowhere to pull over. DAMMIT! I had to let the moment go! No photo!
I rushed to Saugatuck Shore, above, which is a wide open photographic kind of area as you can see, to try to capture that magnificent sight. Sad to say, it wasn't to be. Though the sky was still just loverly, only a fragment of the rainbow remained. (If you look really hard, you can see its remanent in the center, above.)

Twice now I've had simply incredible/impossible photo opportunities presented to me that have proved impossible to capture, and it's frustrated me to no end! But the wonderful thing about this life is that there will always be another incredible/impossible moment to be experienced. I just hope I'm there. With my camera. And I can conveniently stop the car. (Third time's the charm, right??)

Right Time, Wrong Place
Wrong Time, Right Place
Story of my Photographing Life
O Joy


expect anything!


  1. did you see the rainbow? beautiful Spring sky.

  2. Now that's a really cool sky!!! I see the rainbow & I'm glad you didn't wreck & hurt yourself to shoot it!!! Be careful!!!

  3. the contrast between the stones and the blue water did all difference

  4. Gah! I hate it when that happens! It's a pretty shot, but rainbows are such fun to capture! I hope the next time is a win for you. :)

  5. We may only see the fragment, but the whole thing it there in your mind and you saw it. Lovely sky with or without rainbow!

  6. I see it ... I am reminded of the evening on Pequot Dr. Lauren yelled 'into the car, off to the beach to get a shot of the sunset' ... Kate and I raced to the car .. we sped to the beach only to find the sun had set ... but it was fun.. and there will be many rainbows and sunsets in our lives for us to snap!

  7. I see it and this is a cool shot anyhow...rather have you than a great photo and a car wreck!

  8. Beautiful capture and I can see the rainbow. Happy skywatching and drive safe.

  9. Missed photo opportunities are indeed frustrating but they remain as mental snapshots. I cherish those just about as much as the perfect shot.. maybe more.


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