Sunday, May 16, 2010

Master Griller With the Melted Cup*

My dad...

Campfire Cooker Extraordinare

*cup warped by coming too close to the fire...hmmm

A photo from our Missourahhh picnic - a simple campfire with a makeshift grill. We brought brats, there was saurkraut warming in the pot, buns off to the side - good eats eaten by all of us!

As an aside from the food,

the fambly company,

with all the good times & laughs shared

was simply wonderful!

A True Sunday Serenity




  1. Looks like a wonderful day and I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing the fun! Enjoy!


  2. Love this, Annie. My husband used to grill over a campfire all the time. We don't have a ring at this place yet. Maybe that would cheer him up.

  3. Love this one, too! At least that cup still holds its treasure;)

  4. the simplest and best times are times like this

  5. What a great shot and wonderful family memory.

  6. Oh my gosh... That looks like one of the best times ever! Surely one for the memory books! What a lovely time y'all must have had...

  7. It is always obvious how much you love your visits to Missouri and being with your family :-) Looks like a lot of love happening here.

  8. Your parents are awesome .. no wonder you are so special!

  9. That looks like it has good times written all over it!

    We used to do bonfires in our neighborhood (until the host neighbor moved away). One time our friend got her feet too close to the fire and the bottom of her shoes started to melt!


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