Thursday, May 20, 2010

O Dear GOD!

I am old...very very very old. That's a fact. And that fact was brought home quite resoundingly last Tuesday night. As you might know, it was our Remy's 30th birthday that day. She requested an early dinner here, and then she and her all legal friends would be going to SONO (yup, Norwalk, CT's equivalent of NYC's SOHO - and Columbia, MO's equivalent of COMO, but that's another tale) to really celebrate.
Fast forward to 12 midnight. Everyone was still here. Celebrating in 30 year oldish style. Unfortunately I was celebrating right along with them. (So was GB.) 30 year oldish style means that those young whipper-snappers can handle the lack of sleep along with a bit too much partying and having to go to work the next morning quite well. We old folks? Not so much. (sigh)

(BTW - I went to bed at midnight...those young whipper-snappers? MUCH much later!)
(Did I tell you my youngest, Brynnly's birthday is the 26th? I'm in trouble...again!)




P.S. Photo was taken in Missouri this past April. It has nothing to do with this post. (Really??)


  1. You're still a youngster, but I do know what you mean! I do have difficulty sometimes dealing with just how damn old I am!!!!! But, hey, guess it's better than the alternative, huh???? Glad everyone had a great time and wasn't it wonderful to be that young???? Have a great tomorrow!


  2. It's a beautiful shot. And we'll put your theory to the test in Virginia. The Shanty is a total "party shack"!

  3. You're only 40. I'd have thought you could handle a late night better than that. ;)

  4. Good thing you have time to rest up in between!

  5. Exquisite photo .. and I think you need to practice staying awake OR get a lot of sleep prior to the 26th

  6. Beautiful picture. I think you're underestimating your partying skillz, but as Diane says we'll test this whole thing out in July.

  7. oh yes, i know the feeling. but i'm glad you hung with the younguns

  8. A gorgous photo, and I'll interpret your post header as thanks to the Almighty for providing such beauty... and for letting you live to tell the tale after partying with the young'uns! You had a good time, though, didn't you? :) Rest up!

  9. =) Take it easy & pace yourself? heheheee

  10. You can do this, Annie. I had 3 hours sleep the night before last and 4 hours last night and I am still kicking. Granted I wasn't imbibing . . . and am fully prepared to crash at the end of today.

  11. The photo's gorgeous, even if it has no relevance to the post. ;-P

    And I can certainly relate to the staying up late and getting up early... can't do it so much anymore! Although I see that Kate is hanging pretty tuff these days... hrrumph!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my baby birds.. they have already left the nest since I took their photos.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week~

  12. LOL! Sometimes we need a reminder of our age :-) Hope you survive all of this.


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