Wednesday, May 05, 2010

O Mama, Where Are You??

We have a MAJOR delimma...
Mama duck hasn't come back...not good...not at all good!

What's our next step??

really worried!

Wednesday morning update: Mama still hasn't returned. 
I should have told you that the ducklings are well protected in the completely enclosed courtyard of our school - flying is the only way in or out, unless humans intervene. This isn't the first time a duck family has inhatibed our courtyard, but it is the first time a mama has abandoned her babies. In previous years, when it was time, mama and her babies were led through the school to the stream that's close by. 
There's a big cement area in the middle of the courtyard, but all around the edges there are extensive gardens with plenty of pacasandra and shade for them to hide and find bugs in. The ducklings are also stuffing themselves with the duck food and chopped veggies that are being provided. The gal that's in charge of the ducks has called every imaginable place she can think of - the Nature Center, the zoo in Bridgeport, wildlife rehabbers, etc. - and has gotten a different answer from each of them. I think what will happen is when the Nature Center's wildlife rehabber/rescuer returns from her vacation, she will come get the ducklings. I'll certainly let you know what happens. And thanks for all the suggestions!


  1. Oh dear.. how long have they been without Mom? I'd be calling the most reputable humane society/animal rescue/wildlife center and ask them if they will accept AND rehabilitate them and be sure they're telling you the truth about the latter. If they don't, ask them to provide the name of someone who is.

    Google around for information about their care in the meantime.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

  2. So cute. I hope mama comes back. Or you find out what to do.

  3. Call The Westport Nature Center!

  4. MPM is right - although it's now Earthplace. They'll tell you what to try and if needed will call on their wildlife rehab center. 203-227-7253 I'll stop haranguing you now, I promise!

  5. Oh no .. and they are so sweet looking .. the mama must be dead or she wouldnt abandon them ..

    WV ovagusio .. the gushing love of eggs

  6. Those poor babies, why would momma run off w/o them? So sad! They sure are CUUUUTE!!!

  7. I think the mama must be dead too. We used to have them at the lake every year and they are just too precious! At least she was smart enough to find a secure spot for them. Ducks are just really vulnerable to a number of predators, which stacks the odds against them...

  8. So glad they are safe. Poor little things. Mama ducks have their babies in some very poor spots sometimes, but this is a blessing in that they are protected.


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