Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am the ghost of times gone by
With reminders of what is true
I am the ghost of storms gone by
Always reaching out for you
I am the ghost of memories past
Can you remember what is true?




  1. No, and since I can't, I'm just choosing to remember the good ones when I can :)

    This one made me think. Great photo illustration!!

  2. love your post this morning....

  3. oh yes, that glorious morning pink light

  4. totally awesome pic i so see it up there :)

  5. I LOVE this photo! Beautiful job of catching it perfectly!

  6. Absolutely stunning! How come I can't ever get my colors to turn out this good?

    In answer to your question about the turquoise necklace.

    That necklace is 8 and one quarter inches from clasp to turquoise pendant.I made it that shorter length because I thought it would be lovely sitting just below the hollow of the neck. However - It could easily be changed to a longer cord.

    I think turquoise is special. I've always been drawn to it - perhaps it's the colour - perhaps something else. I know that at present the earrings in the previous picture are the only ones I have left that are made with turquoise nuggets. I must make some more!

    Oh! I love my word verification - pines !

  7. Found your blog through Google Reader! Wonderful images!
    I have a vague remembrance of what it true! I think!
    And like they say "I'll be back"

    Have a look at my blogs:

    Hope you see something you like

  8. Beautiful. Here lately that hint of pink has been prevalent in the morning skies here, too.

    wv: glychit. When everything goes wrong, it's not a minor glitch, it's a whole pile of glychit.

  9. This is amazing. How gorgeous this photo is!


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