Friday, November 05, 2010

Just One More...I Promise! Really, I do!

I promise this is the LAST sunset I'll ever post. least until the next week...


And now for some last of the leaves of autumn loveliness

Salt marsh and the last day of beautiful autumnal trees

Golf course bathed in evening light

Through the limbs
Beautiful (but not as much as last year - shh, don't let those leaves know!)

Nature's stained glass window

The changing seasons
There's such beauty to behold
Each and every time




  1. What gorgeous photos! I hope you keep posting these lovely sunsets. The beautiful trees of fall were my favorite of all. Happy Sky Watch to you!

  2. The trees are as fiery as the sky! Enjoy SWF!

  3. ohhh, how beautiful! i don't get tire of sunsets, and autumn colors. amazing!

  4. The area where you live is so beautiful. I love these. Do NOT stop posting sunsets!

  5. Oh my gorgeous!! No. We love sunsets :) Wow it's beautiful up there!

  6. What great shots and beautiful color to look at on such a dismal rainy day!

  7. Beautiful skies and leaf color! All that sunlight shining on them makes them really shine with beauty.

  8. Oh my .. dont stop now .. these are so fabulous

  9. WEll, maybe you could change to I personally like sunset, sunrises and all your pictures. Ta Ta For Now from Iowa. 33 degrees and sunny

  10. WHY on earth would you make such a silly promise specially when NO ONE that i am aware of asked you to??? MORE MORE MORE please :)

  11. Beautiful color!! Here, the trees are mostly brown, with only a hint of scarlet here and there. It's been too dry for the trees to have developed much color. Your photos have lifted my spirits. Thanks, Annie.

  12. These are utterly amazing. Thanks--and don't stop posting!


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