Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turkey Run

Every fall around this time, my turkeys return to their sleeping tree. And they sleep there, through any and every kind of weather until it's time to make baby turkeys in the spring. I cannot imagine a more uncomfortable place to get some shut-eye. Then again, I'm not a turkey, so what do I know.
I never get tired of watching them do their running take off and then flumber (that's a cross between fly and lumber) to their tree. Kind of like a big awkward jumbo jet. Don't know if it really shows, but that last turkey managed to crash into a tree limb right after take-off. He still managed to make it to the tree, thank goodness. I would have hated to have had to fish him out of the pond!


just loving the seasonal changes!

It's Veterans Day
Go shake the hands of the men and women
Who have served or are serving our country and
Tell them THANK YOU from the bottom your heart!

And thank you, soldiers, from the bottom of MY heart.


  1. Too funny ... they are like Al Capp's Shmoos

  2. It's just not fall with out an Annie Turkey post. Love it. So good to see you last week.

  3. I had no idea that they roosted in trees. I had thought they didn't fly and were too big to fly! Learn something new every day!

    It's too bad we only honour our veterans once a year. They gave everything for our freedom yet we only give them one minute once a year.

  4. I honor veterans every time I go to town if I see one. I like to shake their hands and listen to their stories...
    Turkeys are the most interesting bird...Knew they roosted in tress but not that far off the ground.. SO cool... ta ta for now from Iowa...

  5. Really? They sleep in the trees! Cool.
    And what a gorgeous place you live. It's so beautiful.
    Cheers, jj

  6. Terrible thought...

    "Annie, get your gun"

    I blame this on MPM

  7. Why does this remind me of the WKRP turkey drop? According to them, turkeys can't fly. Oh the humanity! ;)

  8. the term "flumber"! I can't imagine having a tree full of turkeys, but what fun to take photos of them!


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