Friday, November 12, 2010

Turkey Tree

Last post/photo of my turkeys for while, I promise! I love my little point and shoot camera for just about everything except sometimes at dusk - it just doesn't always capture the beauty or luminosity of the evening sky. It was much more beautiful than that photo shows. BUT, you can easily see the turkeys on standing on their nightly roosts.

It's the weekend - well, almost - have some fun!




  1. You need to keep posting the turkey shots! I look forward to them. Don't know what happened to our turkeys. We hasd over the summer...swalking every night but have not seen them in a while...must be at your house!

  2. Neat, neat neat! Really wonderful color and subjects.

  3. great photo of the turkeys, it reminds me of a fun song we sing in school at Thanksgiving time

    Five fat turkeys are we,
    We sat all night in the tree,
    The cook came around,
    And we couldn't be found,
    That's why we're free you see!

  4. Point and shoot - your gun! And the turkey will be free with out having to spend $350 at any given store.

  5. I don't think I have ever seen turkeys running around free like that. I would have taken lots of shots too. I think your photos are just lovely.

  6. I thought turkeys couldn't fly...these are buzzards? Shocking!

  7. How neat that they are in the tree! The sky is such a pretty color!

  8. Love the turkey stories/photos. Share as many as you like.

    Wishing you a happy weekend.

  9. Love it and the camera captured lovely color in this.


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