Monday, March 03, 2008

The Circle of Life Continues....

For me February is the worst and the best month of the year. The worst because it is usually an ugly month here in the Northeast. (Though we've had winters with snow on the ground from December through March, most winters we don't.) The temperatures fluctuate wildly in February so that we're left with either a mud-bath or frozen mud "sculptures" that will break your ankle if stepped on wrong. Toward the middle to late February, just about the time I've had ENOUGH of this dreariness, without fail my little friends pop their heads up to remind me that once again, nature and all her wonders has come through....the circle begins again. Crocus popping has happened in February every year we've lived here. I took the below pictures today, but drove by this field last Wednesday (2/27) and they were all in full bloom. The weekend was cold so they "folded", but today we had highs in the 50's. Once again out they all came in all their lovely glory!

Part of the lawn the crocus are growing in. Each year they expand their reach further into the lawn. I must check, but I think these are snow crocus - they bloom 2 - 3 week earlier than other crocuses (is the plural croci?)

Snowdrops! We have snowdrops!
The snowdrops are back in droves!

You can see why they're called snowdrops - look at the snow that's still on the ground even after a mid 50's day. Lovely! My soul is re-newed!

Hundreds under the trees....

One last picture...

Same bloom - top picture taken w/flash, this one without.Can you ever doubt why hope springs eternal?




  1. Oh my that's beautiful! And, it gives me hope that winter will end here soon.

  2. We usually have our crocus in bloom by now...but not this year.


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