Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wistful Thinking & Thursday Cleanup

I miss my home state...ahh my Mizzourah...
We're going back in April and I can hardly wait!

The photo is the ~crick~ that's below my parent's home.
Over the last 20 years our three kiddos,
as well as GB and I,
have made many unforgettable memories
with mom & dad & the extended family, (aka my Dodgie)
in, around and beside that ~crick~...
My thoughts and prayers go out to all my fellow
Missourians who have been flooded out.
May the waters recede quickly and your damage be manageable. Blessings!


Our Mimi is still on an improving trend. She is finding it hard to walk as she gets so winded, but we're hoping with time and PT she'll regain the strength she lost. She has so many visitors it's just ridiculous - what a wonderful tribute to the friend she's been to so many over the years! If anyone cares to drop her a line, call her or visit her, just e* me and I'll give you the info. She's an incredible woman. As her doctor so eloquently put it:

"The old gal has a 90 year old body and a 21 year old mind!"


WW update:
There isn't any. Gotta a problem with that?!?!


Snippets from the nurse's office:
  1. 1:45pm: "I have a sore throat. I've had it since 6 after 10 this morning."
  2. "I want to go home so what do I say to you so you'll call my mom?"
  3. "I threw up a little in my mouth, but I swallowed it. What should I do now?"

Good Bye & God Bless



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