Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lil' Miss Magic's Still Life

Bella's Not-For-Long Still Life

I was challenged by a friend to produce a ~Still Life~ with the added caveat of creating fancy-schmancy lighting for your fancy-schmancy photo shoot. Since I'm lucky to even get a picture that's half-way focused, the lighting angle is completely out of my league. However, as you can see from my still life photo above, the lighting is quite luminous...ethereal I'd venture to say.
Last Sunday, Bella, our Little Miss Magic, came over for Sunday Family Dinner along with her cousin, Connor-Man. As you can clearly see, she is plotting her escape from Connor's protective arm so she can wreak havoc at Auntie's house. PLANTS & PUPS BEWARE!!!
"'re talking about me? Sweet, innocent, little old me??? Auntie, I would never tear the leaves off your houseplants.
Pull the cat's tail, me? Never!
Well....maybe never....oh alright! You know me too well!
I will have my way!!"
"(Sigh) Having my way is just exhausting in a still life kind of way!
Must sleep now so I can get my energy up for another day of havoc!"
Night night, sweet Bella, our little Miss Magic!



  1. Oh, she's adorable! There is something so calming in the sight of a sleeping baby, isn't there?
    Mary, from Kacey's contest...

  2. Oh, Annie, what a beautiful little girl. Love the first photo and the very last. I didn't enter this contest because I really stink when it comes to actually looking for a photo. I can never seem to find anything that I'm looking for.

  3. She IS beautiful! I actually stink at this still life theme as well, but I'll try a "play on words" anytime! Mary - your photo is wonderful - what a true ~still life~ photo should be.

    Thanks for stopping by - I do enjoy both your


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