Thursday, March 06, 2008

Word of the Day

Cathartic - as an adjective

Adj.1.cathartic - emotionally purging
healthful - conducive to good health of body or mind; "a healthful climate"; "a healthful environment"; "healthful nutrition"; "healthful sleep"; "Dickens's relatively healthful exuberance"

2.cathartic - emotionally purging (of e.g. art)
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
emotional - of more than usual emotion; "his behavior was highly emotional"

"It was cathartic for me to be able to finally tell my husband that he just had to stop bringing me a dozen roses every week....
it had become so mundane."




  1. LOL! Almost spit my Corona on my keyboard! Don't do that to me!!!


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