Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging......

To Bring you Springtime in Roselle, Illinois...
(above is Mimi's beloved home on 3/21/08)

Most of those who know me know I've been in Chicago since March 21 to be with GB's mom, Mimi. She fell and broke her arm on March 4th. To add insult quite literally to injury, on March 6th, she had the most pitiful 90th birthday anyone on the face of this earth has probably ever had. And things have not been great for her since - but - hope certainly springs eternal! Hopefully she'll be able to go to rehab in the next few days.

Happy 90th, Mimi!
(It wasn't March 6th, but celebrate we did!)
Mimi, the birthday girl with her favorite boy, GB
As you can tell, my blogging world has been pretty darn pitiful for me since I've been here. While there are 6 wireless connections my computer finds while at her home, every last one of them is password-protected. The nerve of her neighbors! Don't they realize I have important matters to blog about?? I do get complimentary wireless here at Alexian, but only spend time on my computer when Mimi is involved in her various "ablutions" (that's a Mental P. Mama word) she needs to have every day.



  1. I think it's just wrong for people to password protect their connections when you're away from home!!

  2. Did you sneeze..."Aaaaaablution!"


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