Sunday, March 09, 2008

King of the Side Table....

.....cannot stand it when I have the nerve to go into the bathroom and close the door. I wonder what he could possibly be thinking? The dogs don't mind, but Trey-you? Ha! It drives him crazy! I decided to try to catch him in the act, as a trip to the bathroom doesn't include bringing a camera with you. To try to speed things up, I called the cat and blatantly let him see me go into the bath and close the door, instead of trying to sneak in there like I usually do.

Of course, he was giving me that cat look that all cats are good at - some better than others - that clearly said he couldn't care less about what I was doing, actually I could drop off the face of the earth for all he cared as long as there was another human around that would feed him. He didn't fool me for one little moment! I just knew that I'd hear him throwing himself against the door and then see his paw under the door any minute after that. Yep.....he's now throwing himself at the door.....umm, now he's trying to look under the door - I know this because I hear him vigorously sniffing. Look! There's his paw! He kept it right there and didn't move at all so I shuffled my foot a little, and then...

Eureka!the old boy couldn't stand it another moment!

In for the kill he and his paw came! Another bathroom and it's occupant conquered - King of the Side Table once again rules! When I opened the door, Trey-you immediately straightened up and looked away, and then sauntered away with a quick glance over his shoulder that clearly said: "Who me? You thought that was my paw under the door? Don't be silly! I would never stoop to doing something as lame as that!" Oh right, I think, it must have been our other cat! You know, the invisible one. (sigh)


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  1. LOL, what is it about cats and putting their paws under the door? We have a door to our dining room...and often shut it when we eat in there, just to watch the cats put their paws under it. We now wad up napkins and toss it by the door and watch them try to "capture" the napkin!


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