Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Godson...(aka Nature Boy)

As my brother wrote: "When this kind of thing is going on,
it is inevitable that he'll end up in the pond.
Sure enough, he was fully submerged about 10 minutes later."
Thanks, little bro, for letting me share your photo...
tho I didn't even ask...uh-oh...

Godson Dodgie with a small ringneck snake he found on our
first walk to the valley below our folks MO home.
Photo courtesy of my brother, also Dodgie's dad, Bill. Thanks!

Wading in the creek - and staying dry - isn't as easy as it looks!
(And this one is my photo.)

This one's easy! G is for Godson, (aka Nature Boy). Dodgie is my Godson, and to this day I am so honored to have had that title bestowed upon me. While we were all in Missouri, we went on several hikes to the creek bottom down the hill from our folk's home. Needless to say, it's beautiful there and there's always something new to experience. On our first foray, Dodgie found a ring-neck snake which his father captured beautifully, as you can see. Our second trip wasn't quite as dry. We hit the rock slabs of the creek bed and off came Dodgie's shoes. Despite numerous warnings from his dad (my brother, Bill) that the immersed rocks were mighty slick, Dodgie just knew wading was something he had to do. And, no, Dad, I won't get wet! That lasted all of two steps into the water. You can see the results in the second photo.


expect anything!


  1. Gordon is a very handsome lad (picture with snake.) I love the look of concentrated interest on his face. Wonderful "G" post.

  2. A fine looking chap there!
    Thanks so much.
    Have sorted your link out on Mr Linky!

  3. that top pic is classic. lovely capture.

  4. Ah what fun it would be to be a boy again...

  5. excellent post fantastic pictures Brings back memories of playing in the creek at grandmas house and of course the instructions of staying dry... what a laugh... we would catch crawdads!

  6. Big Smile on my end! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  7. What a great kid! Wading=soaked as any parent (or godparent) knows, but oh! what fun it is!

    : D

  8. Wonderful photos and they started my day off with a great big smile :-) Little boys are suppose to get wet...and dirty...and play with snakes.... How great to see a young boy enjoying the outdoors. You are a fortunate Godmom!

  9. I would be that his dad did a lot of the same thing when he was a kiddo


  10. Kid+creek = wet fun
    I love the look on his face while examining that snake..wonder


  11. I love the first photo. great "G"

  12. little boys can always find a way to get wet and dirty! Great photos!

  13. Cute, Annie, are you going to trot him out again for "N"? ;)

  14. Lovely post of your godson. My daughter Audrey has the same propensity toward falling in the water--she's 29 now and I still worry :O)
    Great photos.
    Happy ABC Wednesday!

  15. Your God-son looks like he is all GUY.
    Great photos.

    Bear((( )))

  16. Nice post. Very touching.

    I like coming here, Annie. Gave you an award because of this fact.

  17. Godson is genuinely gorgeous. Young Gentleman defies gravity (see first picture). Grandiose amounts of gentle gratitude and gingerbread cookies should be yours for the giving. Godson will greatly appreciate all these gifts.

    I'll take a geranium. But only if you're giving them out.

  18. That first photo is super special... I love this post!!!
    Mountain Retreat


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