Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Serenity

Honor the Sacred
Honor the Earth, our Mother
Honor the Elders
Honor all with whom we
Share the Earth -
Four-legged, two-legged
Winged ones
Swimmers, crawlers
Walk in balance and peace.

~Native American Elder


expect anything!


  1. Beautiful poem, and cute insect. I have written an insect poem today. It might interest you.

  2. Love the photo! Peace to you and everyone.

  3. Love the poem and the image - be it.

  4. If we all honoured each other, the world would be a better place.
    Over from Daryl's.

  5. Is it a dream bottle? Or totem? I know, Dodgie made it at camp

    Whatever it is I am intrigued ...


  6. Yes!

    Now - what is that bottle? A totem perhaps?

  7. I think someone said something like this to me one before I was getting a La Stone massage.

  8. oh, nice! now i know what to do with my extra feathers and deer antlers. i am serious, too. not trying to be funny. i love this.

  9. Love the wooden vase and contents... makes for a very pleasing shot.

    All we can really do is try to preserve the thoughts and memories of our elders. Unfortunately, most of the Native Americans I know all work in Reservation owned casinos and still continue living in poverty. So much for balance.

  10. Oh, I love that! What a great photo, and great words to go with it. You've outdone yourself this time!!

  11. Love the image and the blessing! May it return to you!


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