Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Irritations....

Driving to work each morning at 7:15 am, I parallel the Saugatuck River. Usually the view is wonderful and unobstructed by idiots who get up before the butt-crack of dawn to exercise, for God's sake! by anything other than the passing duck or goose. It's a very beautiful and peaceful five minutes before I reach work.

Well, that has certainly changed, much to my irritation. For the past several weeks I have noticed unacceptable activity on my river. Can you imagine??? Did you know that there are women who get up at some unGodly hour in the morning and are actually out ROWING before 7:00 am? How dare they do something so reasonable and rational as exercise on my river? My peace is disturbed!
Look at those twits! 
Don't they know they could be snuggly warm 
and sleeping in their beds?
It's 7:00am for cryin' out loud!
I tell you, the definition of what to do with 
quality time needs a major makeover!
Where are my breakfast hash-browns???

See you on the river! ;-)


expect anything!


  1. Tut, tut .. how inconsiderate of those annoying women! How dare they, indeed! We often see an orange person out at some unearthly hour jogging, for heavens sake! And she's always cheerful!! What's up with that?

    She's orange, we believe, because of a fake tan, but she could possibly be an alien. Surely no ordinary earth woman would do such a thing?

  2. Funny! WHen I worked in DC, I used to see the rowing team from Georgetown U on the Potomac in the mornings - I had sort of the same reaction - "What? - are you nuts?"

  3. You are treading on dangerous territory there! My son is one of those idiots who gets up (at college mind you) and is on the river by 6, along with the rest of the "idiots" including an entire woman's team.

    I don't know why they do it, nor do I want to know why, but I love the fact that he has the discipline to do this during the school year (and it definitely discourages late nights and college drinking) and he even continued it in the summer! Perhaps you should head to the Housatonic on 10/11 to watch the races and meet me too!

    So NN is reverting to her "corporate years" with all the meetings. I thought that was a male phenomenon - my husband's work day consists of about a million meetings and conference calls and then he has to work at night to get anything done.

  4. Annie, don't forget some of your family members are those idiots....Where do you want to meet for some breakfast?

  5. LOL! I'm with you. Maybe if you ask them nicely, they would let you ride in that front seat and take photos! We just keep our "trigger fingers" exercised.

  6. Wow, it just doesn't seem fair that people would 1) ruin your peacefulness 2) have that kind of energy that early in the morning!

  7. Annie: That was really funny, maybe they will read this and move their practice to 7:30.

  8. Had my morning coffee-check

    Watched idiots on video-check.

    My morning is complete.

    Going back to bed now-check

    Bear((( )))

  9. I am exhausted just watching them ...


  10. A little crazy, I must admit. But I'll bet it FEELS SO GOOD to them! The morning, clean, damp air! You should stop them, however, and tell them if they want to get up that early to do it a few minutes earlier so it doesn't interfere with your drive!

  11. Those crazy fools! How dare they ruin nature with an unnatural behavior??

  12. Don't they know that exercise kills people? Holy cow, people are getting inconsiderate these days.

  13. I think you could join them. Imagine the exercise points you could earn from WW! Of course, you'd have to push the time back in order to be done to get to work!

  14. The nerve...I wait until at least 8:45 to get my heart rate up.

  15. What are you doing up at driving alongside the river at 7am? That's bad enough in itself! OMG!

    Tell me - what does the world look like at that time.


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