Wednesday, September 24, 2008


 Anyone from the midwest with a smallish to biggish body of water on their land knows what a johnboat is. For the rest of you Midwest-wannabes, a johnboat is a small rowboat with a snubnose. Perfect for navigating a small lake or pond. And as you can see, it works!  Below, the adventures begin...

"Uh, excuse me, Auntie Nanas, I'm really not sure this long-haired human truly knows what he's doing. Hello?? AUNTIE NANAS, HELLOO! Ya think maybe you should be in here with us, just maybe??? Directions, here!?!?! Pretty please??"

Cody dog:
"Uh, oh, well, never you mind, Auntie Nanas, that Dodgie boy is with us and he knows everything so we are very safe and I am OK, and thank you very much!!"

So off they went on their grand adventure.
(Even though the end of their adventure
 was all of 100 yards away...  ;-) 
The ~gift~ of imagination...
I have it in spades....
...oh well.


expect anything!


  1. Very friendly post!

    Nice view


    PS>I saw a marvelous flower in the side bar!
    In about me, if you want look TODAY'S FLOWERS.

  2. :) FUN FUN FUN but are there fish in that there pond???

  3. Great boat! Again a new word to add to my English vocabulary! John Boat!! I like your captions, they are very funny!

  4. Fun! I haven't thought about the word Johnboat in forever.

  5. Yes, the dog looks worried! Great friendly post! Made me smile.

  6. I heard a 'Johnboat referred to a while back and wondered what one was like.. :O) now I know.

  7. Cody-dog looks like a labrador retriever to me and should be well able to deal with a little (or a lot) of water!! Unlike my greyhounds who not only get very cold in water, but look as if they might capsize if they tried to swim!

    Johnboat is a new term to me! I'm learning stuff on this ABC Wednesday!

  8. You truly do have the gift of imagination and we all enjoy it so much!

  9. I'm not from the mid-west, so I was unfamiliar with the term...   Isn't ABC Wednesday's educational?

  10. Thanks for the very short ride in the Johnboat.
    Next time can we go JUST a bit further?

    Bear((( )))

  11. 100 yards is the same as 1000miles to a young, adventurous dog and boy!

  12. ...Yeah, johnboats are fun...we have one too. It's down at the lake right now, my husband has a trolling motor on it to putt around the lake and fish.

    ...I'd like to get one of those pedal boats. You know, the kind you sit in and it has bicycle pedals and you can pedal around on the water? I thought it'd be great for exercise and to trim some inches off the ol' thighs but for $500 my husband said he'd trim inches off my thighs. I'm not buyin' into his method tho' ;o)

    ...Great photos!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  13. T: What a neat post for the letter J. A John boat can be to shallow except for smal ponds.
    BTW: That was the first Snow Goose I've ever seen, it was gone today.

  14. Life is great when you make everything an adventure. Well done.

  15. What a great little post... you write so well with photos... always makes me giggle!!
    Cute cute cute!!!!

    Thanks for coming by my blog.. I really appreciate it.
    Not to worry.. I'm ok.
    It deals with the fact that I had a major seizure with my epilepsy 3 weeks ago, caught a flu bug with that and never recovered and continued to have seizures during the time of the flu and became exhausted and was ... well in very bad shape but I'M BACK!
    Thanks again!

  16. cute that your dog looks happy. :)

  17. Love this! Once my brother and I and two friends found something shaped like a john boat but it actually had something to do with cement mixing. We rode it down their very small creek. It has a leek, but it was SO MUCH FUN!

  18. Oh, that looks like a most wonderful way to spend a pleasant afternoon!

  19. I know what it is! We have lots of them down here LOL! Throw em in the back of the truck and GO! Best way to fish :)

    This was adorable and I'm so jealous. I wanna go!


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