Monday, September 29, 2008

The Night GB Almost ~Left~ Me....

I was rudely awakened last night because my left arm was entangled by something to the point that my circulation was being cut off. Lo and behold, it was the edge of our top sheet that had ripped away from the rest of the sheet. OK, I admit it, I like my sheets soft.  Obviously I like them too soft...heck if it tears off, ya think maybe it's time to retire said sheets??? Anywho - I tore off the rest of the sheet and went back to sleep. 

In the AM I was telling GB about being tangled up in the sheet top.  "Yeah", he replied, "I was only almost strangled by that damn thing twice - what kind of sheets are those anyway?!?!?"

I could've been a widow!  

OK, I'm throwing away that sheet set, softness be damned! 
Not worth losing my GB. ;-)

expect anything!


  1. Why is it when things finally get broken in, they are broken?

  2. I am the worlds worst about buying ONE set of sheets and using them until they about... ok not about DO fall apart... I woke one morning to this horrid pain in my toe... tossed the covers back and at some point in the night a hole had come to my fitted sheet... well me being me washed them and put them back on the bed... a week or two or 10 later my hubby who NEVER has anything to say about the house said ... do you think you might ought to put those new sheets you bought ON the bed?

    The rip had grown to about 3 feet in length... last night I decided to break in the new sheets I had about a few months ago they were wonderful... but how can I possibly get rid of the old ones there are no rips no tears just some worn spots... I think I will just wash them and hide them away for now :)

    thank God you did not loose GB !
    happy monday Laura

  3. Oh dear...I'd better take that as a lesson. Our dog had some kind of cotton fetish when she was a puppy, and chewed a tiny hole at the top hem of my very nicest sheets - I figured patching it would make it rough, so I've just been using it that way...maybe I'll just turn it around and tuck that part in...I'm not ready to discard.

  4. I thought maybe I was the only "thrifty" lady when it came to sheets that I like and hang on to...despite the holes :-) I've never had one tear off at the top like that...funny! Glad that neither one of you got strangled...what would we do without your wonderful, funny look at the world??

  5. I've heard of getting a little crazy between the sheets but this takes the cake!

  6. Now see how useful your blog is? How could we have gone on without the world knowing this story?;)

  7. If you want soft... you need some flannel sheets. I love winter time when I dig out the flannel sheets. To me after I add to feather bed to the equation it is like sleeping in a cloud.

  8. Did you ask him what he was doing that ended with the sheet almost choking him?

    And I admit to using the same sheets over and over ... gawd dang it sheets are EXPENSIVE and I am not even talking really high thread count here .. only 300 ...


  9. I love old sheets that have been washed a bazillion times and they are so soft. I'm not sure...if my dh said my favorite set of sheets almost strangled HIM...what to do, what to do... ;)

  10. I had that same thought, Kacey. ;-)

  11. Ok this is so funny (well only cuz no one got strangled!) So I hope you were able to get out and get some new sheets! :0)

  12. My sympathies! I hate throwing away soft sheets. It takes so long to get the next ones perfectly soft!

  13. I'm still giggling at this one. I'm happy you're both alive but this is hillarious. The wonderful things in life that "bind" us all together...sheets. We seem to all have this in common LOL!!

  14. This is funny. But what? I would have to think long and hard about saving the farmer from the sheets. Hmmm! farmer, sheets, farmer sheets. Don't turn me in if he is found strangled in some old soft sheets.

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