Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just an Ordinary Rock...

My Dodgie has the uncanny ability (very likely inherited/learned from his dad) of finding fauna in places that most of us would totally miss seeing them. Case in point, the turtle Dodgie pointed out to me in the creek bottom. (Yup, our parent's Missouri creek bottom.) I thought I was taking a photo of a lovely rocky creek bed. Dodgie immediately told me he didn't think it was a rock, but some living thing. I believed him because there was no way I was going to find out in an up close and personal kind of way what exactly it was. (Can you spot it in the photo below?) 

Dodgie told me that finding out what it was wasn't a problem as he would wade in and pick up that rounded "rock" to really see what it was so I didn't have to. He said it was all well and good because he had already fallen in the creek and was wet; and besides, he liked to be wet and in the creek so he could discover all new things. I couldn't argue with that kind of logic...(neither could any of you!)

Gently he lifted the "rock" and proved what he thought all along - a turtle!  Specifically it was a  a ~Red-Eared Slider~, (We know this as over the years, because of his insatiable curiosity, Dodgie's dad (my brother) has developed a first-name-basis relationship with the folks at the Missouri Department of Conservation. I'm sure he's bugged the heck out of them, but it has resulted in lots of good identifying info.)
I, of course, thought it was a common snapping turtle which would turn and bite my beloved Dodgie's nose off.  Dodgie, of course, told me I didn't know my turtles and there was no way this was a snapping turtle and it would not ever bite his or anyone else's nose off...thankfully he was right!

(Mr. Turtle was released, unharmed, back to the wild 
soon after this photo was taken.  Dodgie hiked up the 
hill, took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed to 
dream the dreams boys do of turtles hiding in streams) 


expect anything!


  1. That is a wonderful, wonderful post! What a find. What a sensitive boy, too.

    When my daughter and I find turtles, we feel connected to nature. Something about those timeless beings....

  2. your parents have one of the most lovley places... I love the creek and pond and everything you have shown us so far :) Keep it comming... love the turtle and dogie I would have said the same thing... snapper!
    do you guys ever eat turtle? My cousins in the osarks used to have fish frys that included turtle and frog legs from the niangua river that ran through their farm... YUMMMY

  3. I was hoping it wasn't a snappin' turtle! That is one brave boy;) I think he takes after his aunt.

  4. Keen eyes! What a nice post! Cheers, Klaus

  5. Wonderful story! I can see why you love Dodgie so much....he's just like you....curious and full of dreams.

  6. What a sweet young man Dodgie is. I was very impressed with the fact that he released the turtle back into the wild. So many boys his age would take it home.

  7. What boy doesn't love a creek? What girl either for that matter? Adorable pictures!

  8. Annie: I'm proud of your son for wading in and giving you an excellant photo opertunity. I seen a couple of snappers this year and they are mean.

  9. What a fabulous kid he is ... and that turtle is HUGE


  10. I'd have been worried too about snapping turtles. Those suckers are terrible. Nice post, Annie!

  11. Roger "Dodgie" loved this post. He talked about it all the way to the airport and back to drop off Christine for her 40th birthday trip.

    He is inspired to start a weblog of his own! I'll be sure to let you know the address once he does!

    Big sis -- thanks! You totally made his day!


  12. A beautiful boy!!!! And, obviously one with a keen eye and a great sense of adventure!

  13. Lovely! It's what boys should be doing instead of out doing drugs.

    Just lovely! Made my heart swell and my eyes tear up a bit.

  14. That's a BIG turtle! It's almost as big as snapping turtles, so I can see how you might think it was. It looks too smooth to me, though. Regardless, I wouldn't have been wading in picking it up!

  15. I LOVE this post and it reminds me of my son when he was younger. How darn sweet!! Great job, girl.


    Yes, I'm being safe at the jail. Thanks for thinking of me :)


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