Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My World, My Water

My pond in our backyard...

My Saugatuck River...

Our pond at my (parent's) Missourahhh home...

My Long Island Sound...

It gets no better than these four bodies of water....

expect anything!


  1. Annie: A neat look at the waters of your world.

  2. There are no bodies of water in my world! OK, sort of, but not really. I'll get to the sort of eventually. Yours are wonderful. I'm so jealous of the pond in your GIANT yard.

    You are not required to have the MWT image on your post, but I have no idea how to help you if you want it. For mine (since I have trouble transferring photos from websites), I downloaded it, then uploaded it. Probably not the most efficient, but it works for me, then I copy it every week.

  3. I think you love the water! me, too...

  4. 4 very beautiful bodies of water! I do love living where water is not a problem. Gorgeous reminders of how fortunate we are.

  5. Very idyllic! Nice to have water around!
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. Good to see that you are living next to the "water". I would like to do that.
    Hallo from Germany

  7. All are nice shots, but i really like the one with the child in it!

    These would have been good for Sky Watch also. That last one especially, but I also really like the reflection ones.

  8. Your parent's Missourah (hehehe) home - what city? I'm in SE Mo! It all looks fun to me!

  9. Annie, your world of water is wonderful! I love the reflective pond. :)

  10. your pond photo is fab, thanks for sharing with us.
    have a wonderful week.

  11. Beautiful. I especially love the pond in your back yard.

  12. those are really amazing water shots.

    thanks for sharing your world. you may visit mine here

    have a wonderful weekend ahead. :)


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