Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My World & Welcome To It!

The children's play field
Soon covered with snow. So why
Are they still in shorts?

The field behind the school where I work. Snowy clouds billowing in, but no snow quite yet! Our principal sent a memo to the teachers yesterday to ask that they strongly encourage their classroom kids to wear "seasonally appropriate clothing".  30ยบ outside and the girls are in sleeveless tops, the boys in shorts and tee-shirts. 

"WHAT?? You want us to wear a coat out to recess?? No way!"
I freeze just looking at them!


Now a bit of My World, the Dog Edition

Stella's volleyball
The love of her life right now
Must replace it soon!

She dances, prances
I try to take a movie
And down Stella flops!

Another day maybe I'll catch her in all her prancing glory!

expect anything!


  1. Aww what a wonderful dog.. she's a beauty!

  2. Yes, I'll be watching for that video & THAT SKY IS AWESOME!!! and look at the colorful Autumn trees too! NIIIICE!

  3. What a cool sky. And a cool pooch too. While I don't have any used volley balls hanging around, I can donate used tennis balls to the cause.

  4. cool sky ... kids here are just as crazy... flip flops all winter then complain because their feet are cold... duh.
    Love the stella videos!

  5. Yeah, that voleyball has really had it but you're still getting some good distance with it...
    Great dog...

  6. Beautiful shot Annie! Did you give my Stella a biscuit after her workout?

  7. Great image - would also have been a great Skywatch! ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  8. Stella's so pretty! And I love your backyard. :)

  9. Annie: It must be hard to police the kids when their parents don't think about the weather. That was a fun romp with your dog.

  10. Yep - that must be some sort of test - who can take the most cold....love stella.

  11. That sky over the field is very dramatic and stormy looking! Kids are so crazy when it comes to clothes and what should be worn. Gee...we weren't like that, were we?? Stella seems to be having a very good time and so does her play partner :-)

  12. I thought maybe they were wearing shorts because it is warm. Crazy kids! Beautiful photo.

    Stella seems happy.

  13. wearing shorts in "cold" weather is all relative. our first winter in Altanta, I went to the store in a sweatshirt. imagine how I laughed when I saw people in quilted coats, hats and mittens for all of 40 degrees!

  14. Don't you remember trying to be the first to get by coming to school without at coat or jacket, and the last to wear one??? I don't know if kids do that today, but I sure remember it...specially trying to be the first to get by without wearing one in the spring.

  15. Aw another pup I want to kiss the nose of ...

    Great shots as always!


  16. I do just love Stella! Does she prance in snow as well?

    Loved the first picture & the contrast of colors. Gorgeous!

  17. ooh I do like your world with my favourite breed of dog in it!

  18. Oh gosh, I used to get so frustrated when the kids refused to wear their jackets. Once outside, though, they're not allowed back in until the bell and a few soon learned their lesson well.
    Love your dog! Isn't it just like them (and kids) to NOT perform just when you want them to.

  19. It's a happy dog's world for sure.

  20. Gorgeous! The kids had shorts on in school today. Madness! And we had flurries to begin and end the day.

  21. that is a really neat picture! thanks for stopping by my blog!


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