Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stella Helps in the Kitchen...Or Not

Stella must always, at all times, be within inches of one of her loved ones - also touching said person if at all possible - just ask Mental P. Last night I was her chosen one (sigh). I was in the process of making dinner (Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken recipe - it's excellent, BTW) when my Stella-Bella decided to collapse as close to me as she could. Of course, this occured when I was pretty regularly moving between that proverbial stove-sink-refrigerator triangle. Perfect kitchen diagram, but set-up for we humans, and not so perfect for a Stella placement within said triangle.  I finally told her to MOVE after about the 20th time I tripped over her. She did, but with a look of total doggy hurt in her eyes. (And yes, I'm a doggy wimp.) 
For those of you not enamored by dogs, I bring you a photo of one of our two kousa dogwoods. They are so very beautiful in the spring when they bloom, but their true beauty shines through in the fall. They always turn multiple colors, though it usually goes from the most brilliant at the top down to green leaves at the bottom. Guess this kousa doesn't know her up from her down, let alone right from left! Isn't it amazing all the colors on this tree?? 

Same tree, a thousand colors!

expect anything!


  1. Love having the puppy shadow almost always with the exception of when I'm cooking...

  2. Poor Stella run off from giving the moral support of the task of cooking...She is adorable!
    The tree is very cool too... our dogwoods will be multi colored for a day then they are dark red... I am amazed at how the colors have lasted here... usually if we get pretty colors it is for a DAY maybe 2 this year it has been two whole weeks and working on a few days of absolutely stunning colors... it is supposed to rain and the wind blow for the next few days and I am guessing that will end the fall coloring on the trees.
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Not fair, my Kousa's are already bare! But I must agree, they are a sight to see in the fall.

    Your Stella scene is one I am quite familiar with, but make that with a dog about one fifth the size of Stella and is white on a light floor - suffice it to say, she often gets lost in the floor. Maxie would crawl into my body at times just to get closer to me.

  4. That tree is amazing! And I have a dog just like that. I stepped on him 3 times one day this week. Of course it was my fault.

  5. Flora and fauna. Your kitchen looks a little too clean in that shot. But I do detect the Tombstone Annie Wineglass there;)

  6. Annie: I do hate when I trip on the dog. They are always around when there is food.
    I love the tree, dogwoods are a sign of when fishing starts to get good. I do love to see them bloom. Those are neat leaf colors.

  7. I have a galley kitchen - half as small as yours ... and all three of the dogs, not small ones either, think that if I am in the kitchen, they MUST lie across the floor. All of them. And lets not forget the two cats either.

    A zoo. I live in a zoo, I tell you.

  8. Love the tree TSA. Riley is constantly underfoot when I am in the kitchen. He thinks "OUT!!!" is his middle name.

  9. Funny, I posted pictures of my dogwood today, too.

    What would we do without our dogs and cats that love us unconditionally? Our dog has always wanted to be close to us, and now that she is getting old, she really HAS to be as close to us as she can most of the time.

    But they are worth it all....

  10. Great shots ..

    Yesterday morning as I was finishing putting on my face I needed something from the bedroom so I walked out of the bathroom and tripped over Gus, our black cat, sitting in the dark outside the bathroom .. I only avoided stepping on Rose because she's white ...


  11. What a beautiful tree! I love the multiple colors. I have a cat that does that same thing....she lays so her tail is within inches of the rolling chair in the office or the sewing room and then looks very offended when I can't move and get mad at her. Mike stepped on her tail last night when she had him trapped.

  12. I love that tree. The colors are amazing. I might just have to find one of those. Beautiful dog.


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