Thursday, November 20, 2008

Same Name Conumdrum...

Boy duck, quackin' away, as you can see - (so typical) -
while girl duck listens intently to him - (so typical): 

"Hi, I'm Jamie and this is  Jamie!" or
"Hi, I'm Chris and this is  Chris!" or
"Hi, I'm Lou and this is  Lou!" or
Hi, I'm Dale and this is Dale!" or
"Hi, I'm".....etc., etc., etc....

We have five kindergarten and 4th grade classes, then four of all the other grades (through 5th) at our elementary school. The powers that be are very careful to separate all twin and triplet units - never will any of them be in the same class. Understood. Could somebody then please explain to me the philosophy behind having two kids with the same first name in the same classroom??? Excuse me, there are at least four classes to disperse kids throughout but the two with the same first name end up in the same classroom?? Just how does that make any kind of sense?
We screened the kindergartners yesterday. There were 3 pairs of kids sharing the same first name in the same class. Now doesn't that just make a kindergarten teacher's job way too easy? O bother!

expect anything!


  1. doesn't HEY YOU still work? when I was a kid for most elementary school years twins were always in the same class... we had two sets of boy girl twins through out my elementary school years who were always in my classes.
    in Jr and high school then it changed as their intersets changed.

  2. Annie: That is a problem I would have never thought about. It's funny how a name becomes popular and there are then a lot of children in that age group named alike.

  3. It's insane making, isn't it? That was one that that drove me nuts when I substitute taught last year, and drives me batty when I hear my kids talking about the kids in their classes. It's also why I named my kids the way I did. No weird names, but old fashioned ones, less likely to double up in class. Mae, Oliver and Nathaniel.

  4. Hi, my name is Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl and my little brother Daryl....;)

  5. And do they all spell the name differently? I'm amazed at the creative way that common names are spelled now! My grade school was always alphabetical (back in the dark ages:-) I went through grade school with 3 other Mary's in my room every year. So confusing, as you say!

  6. It doesn't make much sense does it?
    My first and third are unique but I bobbled on the middle child. I think she had someone with her name in every class from K-12.

  7. What do you do--tack on an initial of the their middle or last name? And it is just lovely that there are three sets sharing the same name in ONE class.

  8. when I was in grade school there was ALWAYS a girl in my class with my same name. So they used our last initial too. Hated it.

  9. Interesting our school always puts twins together at parents requests, no question...and my kids share their names with someone...the world is running out of names....

  10. Well I have to say no one ever shared my name growing up. Hated it and always wanted to be a common name like Jane or something.


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