Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Strut Interrupted

Some Very Safe from the Thanksgiving Table 
Turkeys Struttin' their Stuff

The seasons have finally and completely changed here in CT. The leaves are all off the trees and once more the turkeys are gathering in our backyard as they do yearly to harvest the hickory pignuts. If the unbelievable overabundance of the crop this year is a precursor of a big bad winter....well, all I can say is...people...we're in big trouble! 

The turkeys tend to ~strut their stuff~ more this time of year than any other, and today I finally thought to take a photo of them doing just that after I wandered downstairs with the intention of letting Miss Stella out (and it really doesn't do them justice - the light at 6:30am in CT just isn't that good). Much to Stella's consternation, I made her wait inside while I took the above photo. After yelling and flapping (a very attractive sight) at them to try to give fair warning that Stella was soon to be let loose... 

...I let Miss Stella-Bella out......Uh-oh....big trouble for turkeys...

OK, I'm not really awake, don't have the camera set on anything close to what it should be, but the blurs you see are the turkeys high-tailing it over the pond, and Stella in the background pretending she's looking for squirrels since she wasn't turkey-catching-victorious.

The turkey tree of safety
(and also of nighttime roosting sleep.) 

expect anything!


  1. I love turkeys but the Toms, beautiful as they are scare the heck out of me!

  2. Love that expression "The turkey tree of safety."

    Bear((( )))

  3. Whoa... what a crazy post... LOL... turkey-catching victorious... hehehe... love it! =D

  4. Here's hoping they don't fly to Alaska!

  5. I enjoyed reading your post today this morning. I just hope Bella and Stella do not catch a bird of their own!

  6. I have been trying to catch a good shot of the ones here for years - they are way too cautious and canny to let me get close enough, even with the 200mm lens. Out here in the middle of nowhere they very wild and I can't even get out the door before they are gone. Lots of nice photos of blurs though. You did way better than me!

  7. ...Those are some lucky turkeys! Lucky in the fact that you're shooting them with a camera and not the other way known to them! lol... ;o)

    ...My husband is deer hunting north of your hometown of Columbia this weekend and he even mentioned last week how he would like us to get a nice camera so he can start shooting photos of deer that he sees while he's out hunting versus actually "shooting" them. Unless of course a trophy buck were to cross his path then, forget about

    ...Happy Saturday! Blessings too...

  8. We have turkeys for christmas in the UK. Maybe one of these will be pardoned by the President. Linky has none of us posted again.

  9. Poor Stella just wanted to help catch you a turkey for your dinner! How neat to have a backyard of turkeys. I think the photos are perfect for that hour...heck, even focusing a camera is good at that hour. I've never seen any around our house, but would think they might be somewhere in the area if I knew where to look.

  10. Annie: That was a neat story and Stella tried to break up the party.

  11. Funny how these turkeys just seem to cross the country from my house to yours. All in one day too. I just saw them this morning.

  12. Turkeys roost in a tree? I am SO laughing .. do you remember the episode on WKRP when they dropped turkeys from a plane/helicopter?

    Go Stella!!!


  13. Yup, I could tell Stella was going to be all over that siuation. Love that dog!How convenient that you have a turkey tree of safety...


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