Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scientist's Sphagnum...
It is moss to you and me.
Pretty, either name.

Is all this Sphagnum?
I haven't a clue. Do you?
No? Didn't think so!

expect anything!


  1. I love the word spaghnum - it's like you just coughed some of it up!

    Your pictures are great - the leaves and twigs are sweet reminders that winter is just around the corner.

  2. Oops, I forgot to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love moss, but not familiar with the name, Something new learnt.

  4. I agree.
    I haven't a clue what sphagnum moss looks like.
    Your photos of the mystery moss are lovely though.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Nary a clue - Dave Coulter would know.

  6. My husband is hoping that our moss will take over the entire lawn so he never has to mow again..

    Rambling Woods

  7. Moss is a much prettier word, dont you think? And I often think that in among those little mossy clusters is a whole universe .. like that Simpsons' eppie ..

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's Annie!


  8. Curious name! Good shots - great "S"!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    Cheers, Klaus

  9. Sphagnum sounds too much like a word that ought not be used in mixed company (or any company).

    On the plus side, it reminds me of magnum, which reminds of champagne, so all is right with the word.

  10. Love that first photo! Sphagnum abounds on our peat bogs, so it's a familiar sight here.

    On behalf of the ABC team, thanks for your continued participation.

  11. Well...I know its moss! It's green and its pretty and looks great on the rocks. Who cares about scientists?

  12. Hello……

    This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog!
    Welcome to my blog…….

  13. I see lichen, too, my fave.

  14. Beautiful. I miss moss. When I was a kid we used to go in the woods and cut moss up and make moss gardens out of it. Once when we were somewhere (not here) we went for a hike with my kids, and they asked what it was.


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