Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Sister...

She's 50!
Damn...I'm old!!
Isn't she beautiful?
(Care's peeps l to r: Father Irish Priest, Care, hubby Marty, F-I-L Wally Sr., brother Bill, nephew Bly)

We (GB, Jules, Connor & I) are off to D.C. to celebrate her big day with all the rest of our family! Our parents, Bro Bill & fam are flying in, aunts, uncles & cousins are coming, and of course, friends.  It's gonna be fun!

Happy birthday, dear sister, you'll never know how very much I (and a whole lot of other folks) love you. You are certainly just the very best.


expect sisterly adoration at least once a year! 


  1. Safe travels! And pack tour shorts--it's gonna be in the 70's there!

  2. Annie: That is a special milestone for your baby sis. My; how old does that make you? Just kidding, 50 was long ago for me.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! Have a safe trip and a wonderful family time.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Annie's Little Sis!

    I am so jealous; I WANT A SISTER!

    Have a great time celebrating with your family!

  5. Have a great time with your sis and all the peeps! It's wonderful that you all will gather to celebrate with her. You feel old because your sister is 50?? Hehehe! I have two *children* over 50 and two breathing down the neck of the half-century mark! And, I'm still YOUNG! :)

    Happy Birthday, Annie's sister!

  6. My baby sister turns 50 this year. So I know the feeling about being, no, feeling old!
    have fun...lots of fun.

  7. Travel safe and party hearty!

  8. Have a wonderful time, be safe and tell your Sis Happy Birthday from me!


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