Monday, March 02, 2009

The Lion Roared In...

Well, if the old adage holds true, March will most certainly go out like a very docile lamb...
This morning around 8:45. I didn't bother going to the corner of the deck to stand where I took last night's photo. Too too snowy!

Lots of the white stuff, and it's still coming down!

The pond should be frozen by this evening - going down to the 'teens.

Snow on branches - so beautiful!

The walkway, 11:55 yesterday evening.

The walkway this morning, complete with Stella tracks, 
around 8:45 am. 


expect me to adore snow!


  1. We may be snowed in...what to do?

  2. very pretty... the snow whipped around us we did not get a single flake.. .pout...

  3. It's a pretty lion! We had a lamb. Scares me a little for the end of the month!

  4. Yes Ma'am - it's very pretty, but oh sooo cold! Our snow is melting pretty good & we're suppose to be up to 70 by Friday! Fingers crossed & hopin - We'll see!

  5. I have to say it's beautiful. But I also have to say it's much more beautiful melting away. We got around 6 inches or so here as well.

  6. It is beautiful and hopefully it will ALL be gone soon! You and MP need Spring more than I do down here. I remember Maine...wishing all of it away!

    Have fun staying warm :)

  7. It's almost spring. It's almost spring. It's almost spring.

  8. Hi ~ I am so ready to see the lamb! Enough already!

  9. It looks very cold. Beautiful but cold.

  10. Actually they are all beautiful!

  11. Well, it looks pretty...but I'm glad it is your snow and not mine. Stella seems to have missed the walk a bit :-) I guess a tree was calling?

  12. I was wondering how you were surving this snow! So glad you did! And what a white world of wonder it created. I know that somewhere under that blanket of white the daffodils and crocuses are pushing upwards with all their might!


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