Friday, March 27, 2009

SWF & A New Way to Mail Stuff

Hole to Heaven Face Off...
I love the blue in this photo, and I swear I
can see two face silhouettes, one on the left
who is looking away into the blue and the
one on the right looking across at Lefty.
What do you see?

When I opened my mailbox this afternoon, this is what greeted me. (Thanks Bill & Chrissy, the three boxes of big zip bags arrived!) Hmm, I thought, the boxes must have fallen out of the envelope or box they were originally packaged in for mailing. They hadn't. It's the strangest packaging job I've ever seen!

My brother simply taped an very oddly shaped label (all three basically identical in shape, all with ragged edges and taped down in pink tape) to each box and mailed them off. I cannot believe all three arrived without bursting apart! Strange....but do I mean the packaging job or my brother? Hmmm....


expect anything!


  1. Ann. That skywatch picture is your best. Ever. When did you take that? I want a copy. Thanks.

  2. That's a great skywatch pic! I wish I could see the face on the right. I love the blue!

  3. Love that sky. The almost-invisible rays make it special. I can only see one face. I'm not very imaginative with clouds.

    That is quite a way to be greeted by the mailbox!

  4. I immediately saw the two faces as well! I love, love, love this pic; just like so many of Daryl's, this one immediately grabbed me. If you decide to sell copies, sign me up. Beautiful.

    And I got a kick out of those packages; no fuss, no muss, there ya go! HA!

  5. Love the picture - the cloud make a really neat mat to the sky.

    What kind of bags are they? Anything special?

  6. Beautiful sky shot.. I see a very peaceful view.. and all I have to say is "brother's!"

  7. Wonderful sky .. I saw the faces ... but then I hear voices ... oh wait,its just a co-worker

    How very clever is your brother? Very! I am sure there wasnt a 'right' sized both to put them in ...

  8. What a neat hole looking to heaven! I see the left face better than the right one. I guess if it works, it works. Looks like you need a bigger mailbox :-)

  9. Breathtaking shot! I see the faces!

    BTW~yesterday afternoon I saw my first ever sundog! I tried to capture it with my cell phone but you have to be quick! I'm on a hunt now!

  10. I love it when the clouds make those holes, you just want to fly up and go through them to see what's on the other side:)

  11. Before I even read what you wrote I saw the faces! Wonderful picture, I love it!

    Looks like you get some awesome mail, that is one full box!!

  12. Wonderful sky image! I love holes in clouds.
    I like how your brother packaged the baggies, seems they are in great condition and it saves on environmental waste.

  13. Awesome shot Annie! I see a pig's snout on the right looking at someone on the left with a vienna sausage nose. Relatives?

    Your brother, my brother? Same.

    That really is an outstanding photo.

  14. Looks like blue sky will save the day in this face-off. It's a neat photo. I'm always amazed at what people are able to capture! Great Sky Watch.

  15. First of all the photo is great! Great job!
    And they not sell plastic bags where you live? ;)

  16. Lefty has a big chin & a goatee? I don't see Mr Right tho! hehehe
    Fantastic shot & I love the sun rays shining down

  17. Yeah, that mail is weird looking but that skywatch photo is awesome! I'm not seeing a couple of faces but I've just had a beer.

    I'll have two more and check it out then.

  18. OMG. What an incredible picture. But naturally I have to give a slightly different interpretation of it, at least I think I am.

    I DEFINITELY see the faces, but the one on the left appears to be turning in towards the camera as if to kiss the entity on the right. Do you see that? If you consider the blue sky a triangle, the man's chin would be at the lower left part of the triangle. The mouth would be just above that, and then the perfectly formed nose above that. It's funny, but I don't see the face on the right so much, but that one on the left is a clear as can be.

    What an awesome picture.

  19. definitely an interesting skywatch picture!

  20. The clouds are quite stunning and, yes, I can see the faces! Great shot with the rays of light in the middle.


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