Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Was So Very Good!

After it's over....it's over.
But...It Was So Very Good!
Auntie Care & the Con-man who is inquiring if possibly it's time for
Auntie Care to retire from her birthday activities.
That Con-man...such a thoughtful young gentleman!

What a wonderful birthday weekend we had!
Auntie Care, the Con-Man & the Con-Man's mom, Jules

Of course, we were surrounded by the best of family and friends, and all was augmented by the very best eating and cocktailing experience any of us have had in a long while. Just perfection!

Our first night, we gathered at Taverna Cretekou, a traditional Greek restaurant in Alexandria, VA's Old Town. Atmosphere, service, & food were all simply fantastic. 18 of us were there, we all had different entrees, and it was just wonderful! I was going to have lemon/oregano chicken until my ~diplomatic~ - and I do use that term loosely - hubby announced to the entire table that if I had chicken instead of lamb at a Greek restaurant he was going to go screaming out into the night (actually he just threatened to never go to another restaurant with me ever again - almost as bad) because when in a Greek restaurant, you have what they do best - and especially if you love it...and I do...love lamb. I had the lamb. It was sublime. It was wonderful. It was one of the very best lamb dishes I've ever had! Seriously.

The next day all of us savvy world travelers - and again a term used loosely - decided to be the ultimate tourists and do the double decker circle line tour. It was just wonderful! Mr. Bob (as we named him) narrated us through all the major Washington DC highlights - we all learned more about this wonderful national capitol than any of us ever knew. Just before the end of the tour, we jumped off to go to the National Portrait Gallery - however decided en masse we needed lunch first. The birthday girl suggested an Irish pub she knew about. Hellllooo Fado! What a great place! Had the best Reuben there I've had in a long long time! Atmosphere was perfection, too. Go there! You won't regret it!

After our lovely lunch, off we all went to the National Portrait Gallery. Such a marvelous place to spend one's time touristing in DC - the portraits and associated biographies are simply phenomenal.

Later that night, we all traveled to Falls Church to Duangrat's Thai Restaurant, my sister's and brother-in-law's favorite, for her 50th birthday bash. I have to admit I've been to a not that good Thai restaurant once in my life, and my hubby never ever at all.
We both totally and completely fell in love with Duangrat's. Completely. And totally. No doubt about it. The spring rolls! The pork & asparagus! The Coconut Chicken Curry! That Beef thing! The...well, all the rest...I'm sure you get the picture. The food was simply sublime. Anytime you're in the DC area, do yourself a favor and visit this fine establishment. My sis was worried Duangrat's might not be "fancy" enough for a gathering. HA! It was simply perfection!

To top it all off, the weather for this first March weekend - a winter weekend, by the way - was just perfection. 70ยบ weather, no rain and an overcast day. A taste of Spring. Sightseeing and walking perfection.

All I can say is this must mean my sis is a very good girl who was and will be blessed with good fortune on her 50th and for ever more. A perfect 50th birthday day - and a perfect life for her to come!

Happiness always, little sis, happiness always!


baby seeester's are the BEST!


  1. And a good time was had by all! Sounds divine! I love to hear about good food! My sister lives in a D.C. 'burb in VA, and my neice in Falls Church. Hmmmmmm! I may have to ask to go out to eat at Duangrat's next time I visit. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Oh. My. God. I have never seen (or heard) so many words from you, LOL! It must have really been great.

    I loved the entire post... especially the part where you went with the lamb. Mmmmmmm! I adore lamb.

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  3. It all sounds great! You are blessed with great family and obviously enjoy being together.

  4. Sounds like a great time. I love hearing about all the food! Yum!

  5. Aunt Voula would be so proud that you chose the lamb.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. DC has so much to see. If you go back again with Connor, take him to the International Spy Museum - it's so much fun for children, and adults too.

    By the way, you are always welcome to stop on your way to DC.

  6. Nothing like a fabulous celebration! So glad you had a wonderful time, Annie!

    And I too love a good Irish pub!

  7. Oh I love Thai food .. and Greek food (tho not lamb) and pub food .. I love a good celebration .. and it sounds like this was just that .. a good celebration.

  8. I love hearing about all the food too except being a celiac I can only hear about most of it and know I can never eat it. Sigh.

    Sounds like a wonderful time. My girlfriend in Arlington told me the weather was about 60F. Another huge sigh. Especially when it was
    -31C overnight here and it snowed for over 24 hours.

  9. I enjoyed your celebration so much, I read some of your former posts. I,too, love old tombstones.

  10. and a grand time was had by all!

  11. Wow! Sounds like such fun! I am so glad your husband forced you to have the lamb, too. Excellent choice. And that Thai restaurant is calling my name. God, I love the talking about the food . . . and the love of family.

  12. How fun, geez I'm starving after reading about all that food. What a day in a great place!

  13. Great time was had by all, i want some cake

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! I wish a lot of joy and happiness as she steps into another year. What a yummy feast! I love lamb and would like to try Thai food.

  15. you've given me a couple places to try next time we are in the dc area...thanks for that.
    enjoyed your post.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  16. It's a good thing my corned beef and cabbage is almost ready or I'd be eating anything in site after reading this post. I DO love me some really excellent lamb and a good reuben!


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