Saturday, March 28, 2009


What happened??
I need the end of this story! 
It's a requirement!
Just ask Jules.


expect me to read the 
end of a book...first!

Spring Peeper Count-Down: Nope, not today!
There's spring chirping (at 11:43pm) but they're not Spring Peepers!

12:29 AM update:  YES YES YES - spring peepers are peeping! 
There is NO better sound in the world!
52º - must be the magic temp!


  1. I hope you got some rest after all this excitement.

  2. You are full of curiosity and imagination....great! I read the end of books, too :-) I actually enjoy it more if I know where it is headed, so I don't miss any little details that matter along the way.

  3. I peeped at update.

    Tweets, Peepers, Puppies...

    NEVER read the end first. Period.

  4. Whooooa ... big fire .. details!

  5. Awww Annie - You're sooo sweet for the comment you left on my page!!! Thank you so much - I really miss my grandbaby!
    Since mom's sheep had babies at the farm, I called Jilly's daddy & asked if he would bring her out to see them - He didn't answer, so I left a message. Maybe he will - Who knows!

  6. I can't wait for the rest of the story...

  7. Jules is absolutely not telling. Also - reading the end first is very right brain. I thought for a long time it wasn't allowed. Then - I got older and wiser...

  8. half and half, depends on the book.. sometimes I read the end first.. some times not.. what does that say about me.. I alway thought it ment I wasn't patient enough.. congrats on the peepers..


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