Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Serenity

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly,
but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.”
~Mary Kay Ash

Imperfect by design
Ungainly sporadic jerks define gawky movements
Flawed in nearly every way
A veritable outcast
Among hive-minded conformity
Blissfully ignorant of the overwhelming odds
Heedless of the scrutinizing critics
Who see only inevitable failure
Unaware of its own limitations
In the face of impenetrable skepticism
And aesthetic superiority
And because necessity is the mother of invention
And inspiration the father of hope
The bumblebee flies anyway
Thus the intangible becomes thinkable
The execution of such an absurdity, doable
The lofty goals to which one aspires, attainable
And the bumblebee flies on.
~Sarah K. Jenison, MI


expect anything!

Photos: CT, 7/3/9


  1. I like your Ode to a Bumblebee this morning, Annie!

    Have a beautiful one.

  2. Oh, love both poem and photos! Well done!

  3. Well done, what a lovely way to begin my Sunday ...

  4. Beautiful shots! And bumbles are my favorite bees 'cause they rarely sting and I'm allergic :)

  5. Love these photos of the wild rose. And Mr. Bee...stay away from me for it can be deadly.

  6. We set a record low here on 2nd of July. Ice on the deck and frost on everything else. Needless to say - all the flowers are taking a terrible beating. It has been frost and frost and more frost. Now ice!

    What summer? What bees? What flowers?

  7. Those roses are so pretty and your ode to the bee is very apt. Amazing little creatures. Terrific photos of them.

  8. 'And the bumblebee flies on. . .' a serenely lovely post. Thank you.


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