Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling a Bit Crabby of Late...

Do NOT mess with me!
I may be in a basket,
But I still can snap!

It's an ~Old Crab House~
Something I've not seen.

Imagine this dock
With it's full bushel baskets -
Teeming with blue crabs.

Quite a modern scene,
But the look of something old...
Tales to be told here!

Such perfect tumblers!
Full of memories spent with
All my ~blogfest~ friends.


expect anything!

P.S. The Waterman'sWife and her hubs took all us VA Blogfest attendees on a wonderful boat tour all around their part of the phenomenal Chesapeake Bay. While we saw incredible sights on the bay, I was really taken by the blue crab-related story told while nearing shore.
And the Tervis Tumblers? Aren't they just wonderful?? Angie took it upon herself to special order them for all of us! I LOVE them! (I think it was Angie who did the tumblers - if it was someone else, oops, sorry and let me know!)
Oh, and take a minute to visit Chesapeake Bay Woman - she has many memories of our wonderful time...excuse me, I'm fogging up....


  1. Hey, that looks like fun! Would have loved to join you!

  2. Ah, thanks have a very different view there of Blogfest, but a very interesting one!

  3. Annie,love your shots as always.
    I still cannot believe it is over.

  4. I had to giggle when I saw that you & Daryl have almost the same photo up today.

    Boy, am I sorry I didn't go! I think the tumblers just pushed me over the edge...

  5. I love these photos, Annie and I'm thrilled ya'll had a such a great time!

  6. i so hope you guys ate the crab as well as played with them!!! they look delish! and love the glasses!

  7. I think I may have to walk down to the marina today and get me some crabs to steam....I am hungry for crabs.

    I am starving to see you all again!!!

  8. I love the tumbers! I think my daughter has Tumbler Envy!

    Miss you Annie!

  9. When you return to VA, we'll have to order up a bushel of those beautiful crabs!! YUM!

  10. Obviously a good time was had by all :-) Great tumblers to remember it by!

  11. Oh I am SO laughing as I recall how you taunted that crab with your camera strap ... and how clever you were to put something (paper?) inside the cups so they'd photograph well!

    Ironically .. I posted a crab shot too ...and tomorrow my recap post will be up........

  12. Those little crabs and I do not agree with one another!
    Sure do love the tumbler!

  13. Those tumblers are seriously awesome!

  14. sounds like the best time - and I love crabs. yumm

  15. Ahh! Now I see what Daryl was up to! You guys! I go away for a couple of weeks and look what you all get up to! Dammit!

  16. LOVE your pictures. (I was able to load the site today, sometimes with dial-up it won't work.)

    Tell the blue crab story - I don't recall hearing it.

    Those tumblers are The BEst. They fit perfectly in my car's cupholder and don't taste like plastic or tin like most travel mugs. Angie really did a great job.

    Have you and MPM picked out a house yet? It's a great time to buy, esp. in Mathews.

  17. Ah, for once it was okay to be crabby!

  18. I still can't believe it's over...even though I'm obviously sitting in my own home writing about it and reading what others have written.


    And this just reminded me that I've got to find my tumblers! No, I still haven't unpacked. Trying to delay the inevitable I suppose.

  19. I'm enjoying Blogfest vicariously through all you bloggers. You sure had a blast. :)

  20. I love that picture that is totally baskets...well, almost totally baskets.


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